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Gold Rider Lana

Name Lana

Position Weyrwoman

Rank Gold Rider

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 24
Year Of Birth after landing m6 d27 3001 AL
Dragon Kalaith
Dragon Colour Good

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Lana has pale skin and long blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back. Her blonde hair is kept up in various braids, to keep it out of her way when riding. She has pale green eyes that look almost blue and most mistake her for having blue. She quite small barely 5’4 of an athletic build from all the running around she's done over the years since she impressed Kalaith. She has a few scars over her arms from thread scores.


Spouse/ Weyrmate A'ren

Personality & Traits

General Overview A lot can be said of Lana, but the biggest two things to know are that she's stable and forgiving which are the best qualities in a Weyrwoman. She seems like a happy go, lucky woman, which hides her real feelings for how she’s feeling.

Nobody's perfect of course and Lana has plenty of rainy days too. She never lets on the negative feelings she has even to the people that are closest to her because she doesn’t want to burden them with her problems, no one’s allowed to see that side of her, except Kalaith. She feels guilty because she blames herself for her father’s death, she thinks that the shock of her abandoning her craft lead to his death.
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History Lana grew up in healer hall, both of her parents were Master healers. Lana had a natural talent with pregnant women and young babies at a very young age, which was the reason as soon as she turned 12 turns she started her apprenticeship and was apprenticed to the healer hall to study in midwifery because she lost her mother when Lana was born, so it’s made her double her efforts to become a master in midwifery like her father.

She was on an apprenticeship to the weyr at the aged of eighteen where she impressed the gold egg when Kalaith came into the arena to impress her, much to the annoyance of the Weyrleaders who were not impressed that they lost another healer or that Lana hadn’t had any sort of candidate training. Lana had to work hard at both her jobs Weyrling and healer, but it had been a blessing as she helped a lot of people since coming to the weyr.

She was only a rider for a year when the Weyrwoman, her mentor was killed as part of an accident, when the flame cylinder she had been holding burning thread on the ground exploded, her Dragon stayed for her eggs as she had luckily just laid a clutch, but as soon as the clutch, including a golden egg hatched the mourning gold went between. It led to Lana barely a rider for two turns to become Weyrwoman and leader of the newest of Perns Weyr in the southern continent.

Around that time she fell in love with a wingleader called F’cone but nothing properly came of it thanks to both the Weyrleaders dying and the chaos that it created due to them both having to do opposite jobs, and the fact Lana’s flight would eventually decide the Weyrleader again. Which it did early in the sixth month and A’ren won the Weyrleadership, and eventually Lana’s affections. Within three months of the flight, Lana was pregnant and had a little girl early the next turn.

Once Ariana was born, more issues hit the Weyr in the form of Dragon Hold and decided that Lana was a target which drove Lana back into F’cone’s arm and an on-off relationship with him