The Sim

*What Is Dragonriders of Pern?

Dragonriders of Pern is a book series by Anne McCaffrey that features dragonriders, hatchings, and alien Threadfall on a planet called Pern.

* How does it work with riders and Dragons

- Candidates bond with newly hatched dragons, resulting in a melding of minds called Impression. Bonded humans and dragons can communicate telepathically and share emotions and images.

* Why this setting?

- Dragons hold an important role in the survival and defense of Pern as they fight the thread that falls from the sky that can destroy thread.

* What year is River Cove Weyr set in?

- 3531AL (afterlanding)

We are set in an alternative tenth pass where AIVAS didn't work but delayed the thread giving Pern a longer interval.

* What Dragons are acceptable?

- Only cannon colours. Female gold dragons are the largest and the only ones that can clutch and are usually impregnated by the second largest, male bronze dragons. The other colors, in descending size order, are the male brown, blue, and the female green dragons; but chewing firestone makes them infertile, and they would not be as motherly as the large golds.

* Do you accept female blue riders?

- Yes. Very much so. We accept diversity and equality in cultural and ethnic in all aspects, but we also strive to be LBGTQ friendly simulation both in and out of character.