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Brown Rider K’yar

Name K’yar

Position Wingsecond

Rank Brown Rider

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 25
Year Of Birth after landing m7 d3
Dragon Kylith
Dragon Age 7
Dragon Colour Brown
Dragon Description Kylith is a very light dusty color. He’s got dark brown from his feet up to his knees on all 4 legs that make him look like he’s wearing boots. He’s about average size for a brown. He has a dark mask around his eyes that make him look like an outlaw and a brown stripe down his spine the whole way to the tip of his tail.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description K’yar has the same dark green eyes as his brother although a shade closer to black. His hair is a dirty blonde that he keeps short. He has ever since he was young and worked in the mines. He’s taller then his brother but still only stands about 5’10”. He’s very muscled from all his work in the mines and then riding dragons.


Father Valaria
Mother Kiyar
Brother(s) V’lik-22-brother, blue rider

Personality & Traits

General Overview K’yar is easy going and will talk to just about anyone. When he was young he was quieter and constantly looked up to his older brother. Once he got away from the mines though his happy go lucky side came back out in no time. He still has bad dreams from his days in the mine, but he doesn’t let that get to him. He is a very caring and devoted person and will do everything in his power to make people smile and make sure they’re not hurt.
Craft Miner
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History Kalyar was born 2 Turns after his brother Valik. The boy was constantly following his brother around, not wanting left out. Plus, he really didn’t want to be left alone with his parents.

When Valik was sent off to the mines Kalyar begged his parents to let him go too even though he was only 10. To his surprise his parents agreed. He later learned it was just a convenient way to get rid of their kids. But Kalyar didn’t care because he was with Valik.

Then, one day when he turned 13 dragons showed up at the mines. Kalyar was ecstatic and couldn’t believe it when they took both him and Valik to River Cove to stand for a clutch. He was glad to have his brother there though as he started a new life.

Kalyar loved the Weyr and instantly turned back into the lovable kid that he had been to start with. To his surprise he Impressed a little brown during his first Hatching. His brother didn’t and that upset K’yar, but he was thrilled when 2 turns later Valik Impressed blue Terlith.

The brothers are still pretty well inseparable. Although K’yar loves being a rider and getting to meet new people all the time. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll even manage to find a nice girl to settle down with.