Blue Rider V'lik

Name V'lik

Position Wingrider

Rank Blue Rider

Character Information

Pets Echo (green flit)-10
Gender Male
Age 28
Year Of Birth after landing m5 d15
Dragon Terilith
Dragon Age Terilith is a midnight blue color. He has lighter colors of blue swirled into his hide that give his hide a stormy look to it. This blue is as fun loving as his rider, but tries not to anger anyone in his play. He is of medium size for a blue, but very well proportioned.
Dragon Colour Blue

Physical Appearance

Physical Description V'lik has dust brown hair and caring green eyes. He is of average height, but very slim. He wears his hair short to fit under a riding helmet. He had laughter lines around his mouth and eyes.


Spouse/ Weyrmate Riana
Father Kiyar
Mother Valaria
Brother(s) K'yar-20-brother, brown rider

Personality & Traits

General Overview V'lik is very kind. He takes other people's feelings into consideration and always tries to make them laugh when they're feeling down. He can get down when he thinks about his past but refuses to dwell on it.
Craft Miner
Sexuality Bisexual


Personal History Valik was born as the oldest child. His life was pretty normal until his 12th turn when he became an apprentice Miner. Well,
actually his parents forced him to. Although he did receive his green flit Echo out of it. Valik despised working in the mines. He and his brother were found on Search during his 15th Turn and he was able to escape the mines. He stood until he was 17 when he finally Impressed blue Terilith. Now he runs messages and goes on Search himself.