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Bronze Rider I'han

Name I'han

Position Wingsecond

Rank Bronze Rider

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 28
Year Of Birth after landing M13 D12
Dragon Kanoth
Dragon Age 11
Dragon Colour Bronze
Dragon Description Kanoth is strong willed, as he has to be to calm dragons when their rider is hurt, he always is there for his rider when I’han gets upset over a death, and is very quick to stop his rider’s ramberlings.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description He’s tall and lanky, not the usual build for a dragon rider but he carries it well. He is very tanned from spending most of his life in the southern halls and holds. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes.


Mother Rahan- mother-56

Personality & Traits

General Overview I’han is a cool guy, he has to be as a Weyr healer, he has seen many people die from their injuries, but he hadn’t always been that way the first thread scorn rider he had tried, the rider had died and it had haunted I’han for months, until the master he was training under pulled him aside and had a quiet word with him and after that I’han has distance himself from his emotions.
Craft Healer
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History I’han, born Iranah of healer hall grew up there studying healing until his 14 turn, when he was searched and impressed a Bronze at River cove Weyr called Kanoth, but because he was so young even when he finished Weyrling training he was still too young to join adult wings the weyrleader sent him at watch dragon of healer hall where he trained further in his healer training. When thread began falling he was requested to go to a northern Weyr, but when river cove’s weyrhealer impressed, he was requested there, but it took him a long time to get away from the north.