Green Rider Kalana

Name Kalana

Position Wing Rider

Rank Green Rider

Character Information

Pets Firelizard- a green by the name of Verdi
Gender Female
Age 23
Year Of Birth after landing m3, d4
Dragon Verith
Dragon Age 2
Dragon Colour Green
Dragon Description Verith is a dark emerald green with lighter teal and jade dappling across her wings and under her belly. She is a small green. She is a happy go lucky flirt. She is always ready to cheer her life mate up with unusual draconic humour. She is also a little bit skittish, especially around large male dragons that she doesn't know, but she does enjoy flirting with the larger bronzes. Typical for a green, she can be quite easily distracted, which is inconvenient in drills. She is the opposite of her rider and keeps trying to pull her rider out of her shell.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description She tiny with bright blonde hair and blue eyes, she has delicate features and looks like she could break if someone knocked her too hard.


Personality & Traits

General Overview She still a child at heart and very Shy, very innocent in the world of being and living in the Weyr, but she’s starting to learn more along with her dragon, and learning to live with so many people.
Craft Weaver
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History Kala grew up in a small cot hold in the hill of Kymos, she was searched and impressed at her first time of the sands, which was a total shock to her, and she got very homesick being so far from home and for good now that she impressed and will e staying in the Weyr.
She still carries on with her weaver craft, making clothes and earning a few marks from teaching and making clothes for other people.