Bronze Rider G'vat

Name G'vat

Position Wing Rider

Rank Bronze Rider

Character Information

Pets Bubbles - Brown Fire Lizard
Gender Male
Age 23
Year Of Birth after landing Month 5 Day 25
Dragon Zillith
Dragon Age 2
Dragon Colour Bronze

Physical Appearance

Physical Description G'vat is rather tall standing 5'11". Even though he is extremely tall he is still rather thin. He has an average health. He isn't one of those that is getting sick all the time, but again he isn't always healthy either. His skin tone is that of dark chocolate. His hair is deep brown. He prefers to keep in in a crew cut as if he lets it grow longer his hair has a tendency to frizz something major. He has very pale amber colored eyes. His hands are long and thin like the rest of him. He was happy for his very thin fingers as it helped him learn to play the pipes. G'vat is rather good looking even considering his thin frame and his height. Some might say that it is the combination of the two and his skin tone that make him look as good as he does.


Personality & Traits

General Overview G'vat has slightly above average literacy. He can be rather polite when he wants to and he is good in political situations. He has especially learned to deal with Lord Holders quite well. He is well versed and able to hold his tongue in the face of an angry Holder as well as in the face of either the Weyrwoman or Weyrleader. He can be rather selfish in that he covets that which his father has to be a Weyrleader. He doesn't care how but that is the one thing that he wants just slightly less than he wants to impress to the bronze of his dreams. He can be very loyal and in some ways devoted as he is to his father and his closest friend. He is also has a rather dark secret and that is that he absolutely hates children that have one dragon riding parent and one non-riding parent as he is the third son of two riders. G'vat can be rather focused at times and when he is so focused on nothing except for him realizing that he is alone somewhere will distract him from his duty. G'vat's major fear is Thread. It is the only thing that anyone will ever hear him say that he is afraid of. Because he is from a long line of pure riders Gerzat is rather sensitive to all dragon kind.
Craft Beast Crafting
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History G'vat was born to the Weyrleader of Igen Weyr and his green rider lover. His fathers' bronze caught his mothers green in her maiden flight. That was how G'vat's older sister was born. For some reason, after his mothers' maiden flight her green refused to allow any other male catch her. So when problems started for G'vat's father and the Weyrwoman over the children Gerzat and his three other siblings were sent away from Igen weyr. G'vat was sent to Ista he grew up and prospered.

At the age of 8 turns old G'vat met a boy a fellow ranked rider child. The boy was the son of one of the Junior Gold riders. The two became instant friends. They got into so much trouble because they would pick on the children that the two considered half breeds. They had only one riding parent. Needless to say because of Gerzat and his friend constantly tormenting the other children the Leadership of the Weyr continually bothered G'vat's father to take him back to Igen with him. They thought that since the boy idolized his father that if he was under his care he would settle down.

The pair was almost inseprable till G'vat was told that he would be leaving Ista Weyr and going to Fort Weyr. His father didn't want him to be around the Itans any longer as they seemed to be giving him some problems. The day before Gerzat was to leave his friend gave him a flit egg that he had found on one of the sandy beaches. His friend also had one egg so the two were hoping that if they both had flit's they could at least keep in touch with each other.

Two sevendays later G'vat's egg hatched and there lying on the table was a gorgeous brown flit. He was the color of wet dirt. When the little brown hatched G'vat was sitting in his room munching on a bubblie pie that he had pilfered from the kitches. The little brown seeing and smelling the food flew right for the pie and landing in it started to eat the pie. Gerzat sat there in amazement as the brown ate the sweet pastry. When he was done he looked up at G'vat and licked his muzzle with a chirp as if to ask 'Got any more?'. During his tortured time at Fort Weyr G'vat had no friends except for his flit.

Since G'vat had no friends except for Bubbles he traided the little brown to help him at what ever it was that he was doing. Bubbles loved to listen to Gerzat play the pipes while the two sat there in their room, or while out with the runners.

G'vat just turned 17 turns old and he has now been sent down to River cove Weyr in hopes of getting him out of the North. G'vat didn't know that his father didn't want him to impress to a bronze and end up coming back to Igen to oust him as Weyrleader which his father truly thought could and would happen if he was to impress. They say ignorance is bliss and in this case it truly is. G'vat is so hoping to be like his father whom he idolizes very much in that he wants to so badly impress to a bronze so that he can be like his father and one day become Weyrleader of what ever Weyr he is at.