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Bronze Rider K'ron

Name K'ron

Position Wingleader

Rank Bronze Rider

Character Information

Pets Koda- 14 Turn old brown flit
Gender Male
Age 26
Dragon Tyreth
Dragon Colour Bronze
Dragon Description Tyreth is a light bronzy color. He’s lighter then most normal bronzes. Tyreth is a medium-sized bronze, but is very proportional. He has a mighty wing-span and can glide for hours on end. His stamina almost seems endless. Personality: Tyreth loves attention. He likes being around other dragons, especially when K’ron is busy. This bronze has kept his rider out of a few different fights by reasoning with him.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description K’ron has jet-black hair that just touches his shoulders. He usually keeps it pulled back in a runner tail to keep it out of his face. His eyes are a dark coal gray. They’re usually full of curiosity and mischief.

K’ron stands at an even 5’11”. He stands a little shorted then most riders, but it never bothered him. K’ron will wear anything that is available. He’s not real picky although he does like browns. He’s very lean and muscular.

When he was younger he was always skinny and actually looked sickly. But once he became a rider he started to bulk up from running all over. Now he could be considered quite handsome.


Spouse/ Weyrmate Nerlyn
Father R’nik-brown rider
Mother Kigina-green rider
Sister(s) Ginty-candidate(sister, 15)
Other Family R’kig-blue rider(brother-21)

Personality & Traits

General Overview K’ron is very easy-going for the most part. Although he doesn’t have many friends. He has a bad tendency of holding his feelings inside. He doesn’t want to insult anyone, so he keeps quiet.

As K’ron got older he started to gain more confidence in himself. When he Impressed Tyreth he became a different person. He started to enjoy helping people and even took the lead from time to time.

K’ron does have a temper, but it very seldom ever rears its head. Tyreth helps keep his rider grounded.
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History Kiron was born to brown rider R’nik and green rider Kigina. He was born very small and the Healers didn’t know it he would survive. Kiron survived, but he didn’t grow as fast as the other children his age.

Once Kiron was old enough to be left at the crech his troubles started. The other weyrbrats loved to pick on him because of his size. They took pleasure in bullying him. Because of this, Kiron didn’t have a lot of self-confidence and he learned to control his temper.

As he got older the picking only intensified. Kiron ended up in a few different fistfights that he took the worst end of. Plus he would get his hide tanned for fighting.

Kiron also had 2 younger siblings, but they really didn’t pay attention to him. The boy got use to not having any friends, so it never really bothered him much.

He chose not to stand on the sands until he was 16. He wasn’t sure if he really wanted to be a rider. But he finally did stand and was pleasantly surprised. A bronze named Tyreth chose him.

After Kiron, now K’ron, had Impressed his life changed again. He became more confident and even started to like helping others. It didn’t take K’ron long to put on some weight and actually start to become handsome.

Now the pair loves every minute of being rider and dragon and can't wait to see what awaits them.

When K’ron turned 25 the wings were redone and to his surprise he found himself as a wing third. The pair felt they were up to the challenge and hope to do their best as Thread is looming in the near future.