Green Rider Zirieh

Name Zirieh

Position Wing Rider

Rank Green Rider

Character Information

Gender Female
Year Of Birth after landing 10-3/22/ River Cove Weyr
Dragon Tailinth
Dragon Age 4
Dragon Colour Green
Dragon Description Dark forest green-emerald green membranes on her wings-finely defined head and wings-strong legs-streaks of emerald in her legs and wings-underside is a grassy green

Physical Appearance

Physical Description HEIGHT: 5’7”

WEIGHT: 120 lbs

HAIR: platinum blonde-down to waist-usually pulled back in braids to keep it
out of her face-bangs frame her face

EYES: piercing blue

FACIAL FEATURES: finely curved nose-large eyes set deeply in face-full lips-
long eyelashes

BUILD: lean-feminine build-very shapely figure

TATTOOS/SCARS: small tattoo on left shoulder blade(Tander Clan symbol with
bronze dragon on top)

CLOTHING: dirt brown leather riding pants-leather knee high boots-blue green
tie on the side sleeveless shirt-black wherhide vest-black tunic at times-
leather belt-wherhide riding jacket-leather fur lined gloves

JEWELRY/WEAPONS: simple silver necklace given to her by her father-belt knife


Father Zikar/Trader/deceased at 30
Mother Gylana/green rider/died at 28
Brother(s) Half-brother J’vir/bronze wingleader/26

Personality & Traits

General Overview very lovable-trustworthy-doesn’t like confrontation-tries to
please everyone-will stand up for her rights-carefree-enjoys evening hours-
likes to read and sketch people-obedient-takes orders without complaint
Craft Artist
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History Born at River Cove Weyr to Zikar and Gylana. Left River Cove that autumn to live with the Tandar trading Clan which her father led. Grew up with them until her 7th Turn when the Clan was killed. Never knew she had a half-brother.

Found in the wilderness by a young Artist and was trained in his craft. Would doodle pictures of people from her past that she really couldn’t remember.

Was sought out on Search. Thrilled to go, but reluctant to leave her adoptive father. Impressed a small green. Now enjoys life as a dragonrider, but keeps in touch with her “father” through their fire lizards.