Brown Rider T'tarel

Name T'tarel

Position Wing Rider

Rank Brown Rider

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 21
Dragon Riyth
Dragon Age 3
Dragon Colour Brown
Dragon Description Riyth is actually a very fun loving dragon. He loves to swim and sunbath. He is very protective of his rider though. Riyth is always trying to get his rider to loosen up and talk to others. Riyth is a light dusty brown. He had dark chocolate around his eyes and down his tail. His underside and wing membranes are a creamy brown. His legs are mixed with a darker brown then the rest of his body. He is well muscled for a dragon.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Physical Description of the Persona:
weight: 150
hair: dirty blonde, shoulder length-usually pulled up in a makeshift runner tail

eyes- crystal blue, always full of curiosity
complexion: a bronzy tan color that sometimes seems very out of place with his hair color Tig isn’t what you would call handsome, but he is far from ugly. His crystal like eyes are by bar his best feature, at least according to him. They’re always shining, whether out of curiosity or sympathy for someone. He’s not as tall as what most riders usually are. He’s actually skinner then his mother would like, but he’s not so skinny that he looks sickly. Tig usually wears earthen colored clothes, mainly browns and blacks. He usually keeps a belt knife on him, just in case. He wears a small green colored stone on a leather strap around his neck.


Father Kintar-43-Journeyman Harper(deceased)
Mother Tilyn-42-journeyman Harper-Far Site Hold

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tig is a definite book worm. He will talk to anyone who is willing to listen to what he has discovered in the old hides. He will take charge when the need arises, but is also willing to listen to what others have to say. He thinks it is only fair to see everyone’s view before
making a decision. It takes quite a bit to get him riled enough to the point of him losing his temper. He will talk to anyone, but only has a few very close friends. He doesn’t take friendship very lightly and is very loyal to the ones he cares for and respects.
Craft Harper
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History Tigitarel, usually called Tig by the ones who know him, was born at Far Site Hold. His father died before he was born. Tig was a pretty normal, happy-go-lucky child. He would play just about any game imaginable with the other children, but his favorite time of day was lessons with his mother. Tig loved learning new things. As soon as he was able to read, he was finding old hides at the Hold that he could study. He would get ideas from his findings, then try them out on the other youngsters.

Tig was usually the most level headed out of the ones close to his age. He loved to think logically and was usually good at breaking up fights. His mother had to track him down in the old archives more then once. Tig had always wanted to a Harper like his mother, but during his 15th Turn, his mother finally convinced him to stand on the sands when a rider had come to the Hold and Searched him.

On his first time standing, Tig ended up Impressing a lovely brown. Although things didn't start out well for him and Riyth. The little brown injured the boy by accident and they had to rebuild their bond of trust. Now though they are inseperatable and Riyth is doing his best to loosen T'tarel up.