Green Rider Riana

Name Riana

Position Wingrider

Rank Green Rider

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 23
Year Of Birth after landing m4, d6
Dragon Eillith
Dragon Age 4
Dragon Colour Green
Dragon Description Eillith is a large green, but is graceful as well. She is a flirt and doesn’t like to be on her own, and enjoys it when she joins the Weyr wings for fighting thread.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description She is small with exotic features and dark hair, she has green eyes that match her usual green clothes that she wears when she’s not in her riding gear.


Spouse/ Weyrmate V'lik

Personality & Traits

General Overview She feels guilt because she impressed a dragon and her brother didn’t, she decided as soon as she could she would leave the Weyr and return to her hold as watch dragon, which she managed to do with out the wingleaders realizing her plan.
Craft Healer
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History She grew up as the miss fit of a daughter of a drudge in the hold, but was a lot more than just a drudge’s daughter the master beast crafter took her in as an apprentice along with her twin brother, but at the age of 13 they were searched and stood on the hatching ground, only she impressed and her brother returned to the hold, leaving Riana on her own, but she created a plan to get home and return to her hold, once she graduated as a Weyrling she would become the watch dragon at Far Site hold.