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Jr Journeyman Riklan

Name Riklan

Position Hold resident

Rank Jr Journeyman

Character Information

Pets Zea-5 Turn old green flit Leer-5 Turn old brown flit
Gender Male
Age 25
Dragon Colour

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Riklan stands at 6 foot even and is only 190 lbs. He has wavy rusty brown hair that is shoulder length. He normally keeps it pulled back. His eyes are a slate gray and always have mischief in them. He prefers to run around in leather pants in case he managed to poke himself while working.


Spouse/ Weyrmate Theeressa
Children Laressa
Unborn child
Sister(s) Marika

Personality & Traits

General Overview Riklan is a very likable person. He can talk to just about anyone and make them feel like family. He does have a tendency of going quiet when something has gone wrong or he’s depressed. Loves animals of all kinds. His one down fall is he has to stay away from wine and alcohol, because he can’t keep it down.
Craft Healing
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History Riklan was born as the oldest to Lanlee and Rikart. He grew up quite normal. His sister was born 2 turns later and the 2 were always
playing with each other.

Riklan chose to be a Healer when he turned 10. So as soon as he was old enough he became an apprentice. He walked the tables when he 19 and is still working toward becoming a Master. He found Zea and Leer when he was 19. He found a clutch of eggs when he was walking home from his lessons. They are now his best friends and even help him with his craft when they can.