Gold Rider Elysia

Name Elysia

Position Wingsecond

Rank Gold Rider

Character Information

Pets Misty Morn, Blue firelizard
Gender Female
Age 23
Dragon Syath
Dragon Age 4 turns
Dragon Colour Gold
Dragon Description Syath is a gentle gold with an air of knowing her place. She her golden hide is like the shimmering color of the sun. She loves to preen and loves to be noticed. She will often jump in to help when she notices something needs to be done.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Elysia is small, simple as that. She is dainty in appearance. She is about 5'3" and about 110 lbs. She has eyes almost the color of honeyed gold. Her hair hangs in soft brown waves, when she lets it hang free. She is thin and not very curvy.


Spouse/ Weyrmate Rel
Children Lyrel - Son, twin to Elrya, About 1 turn old
Elrya - Daughter, twin to Lyrel, About 1 turn old
Father I'nan, Father, Bronzerider of Qunitanth, transfered
Mother Elyis, Mother, Greenrider of Milinith
Brother(s) Nanlyis, Brother, age 28, Brownrider of Frogelith
Lyisnan, Brother, age 30, Bluerider of Royalith
Sister(s) Yisana, Sister, Age 23, Apprentice Healer
Sanisy, sister, age 19, Apprentice baker

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elysia thinks of herself as very plain and unnoticeable. She can be a bit shy. yet when she
is around children she seems to open up and be cheerful. She tries hard to do everything she can to help others. She looks up to Lana the Werywoman. She has a hard past that creeps up on her on occasion. but, she has moved on and tries hard to bot let it control her
Craft Craft: Potter
Sexuality likes men


Personal History Elysia grew up in the weyr. She is the daughter of two dragonriders that practically neglected her. Her
mother was a flighty greenrider who had at least four other children by four different rider and she didn't really pay any of
her children any attention. Elysia's father was a bronzerider that transferred out before he ever found out Elysia existed.
Elysia grew up being traded between one foster parent to another.

Her mother was a strange one. Elysia lived through it and was excited when she was told she could stand. She knew better than
to hope for impressing the gold egg now on the sands but she can dream can't she?

And then little Syath entered her life all gold and beautiful and things changed. Though shadows form her past seem to be
coming back to haunt her in the form of a long lost friend turned bad, she will keep her young head high and help the weyrwoman in any way she can.

Elysia has been through a lot and does have a weyrmate. He is not a rider and has many mental issues form things he has lived through. They make it work though. She has grown stronger over the turns since she impressed her gold and strives to be there for her Weyrwoman as much as she an.