Bronze Rider OPEN T'zen

Name OPEN T'zen

Position Wingrider

Rank Bronze Rider

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 29
Dragon Colour Bronze

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Thenzen is just over six foot four inches and cuts an imposing figure. He is athletic and well built, though much more trim and muscular than bulging. His dark hair is almost long enough to put into a pony tail (but not quite) so he generally keeps it held in place with simple hide headband. He wears a short, trimmed beard on a square law. His nose might be called just a bit too large for his face and he has a three inch scar that runs from his right cheekbone towards his jawline.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Intense would be the most direct word to describe T’zen. When he’s flying or training he takes his work and duties very seriously (perhaps too seriously at times). His confidence is not carried in his words, but in the way he carries himself. He picks his time to speak and carefully weighs out his words before expressing himself. He cares greatly for his other riders and is often motivated into actions that are for the greater good. In that way he can be very stubborn and once he picks the course he thinks is correct he does not often waver.

In work and training he works well within a group and had been promoted to Wingleader long before his abrupt transfer to River Cove. In his personal life he is more apt to smile and joke with friends. However, he does not often let others truly get close to him and prefers that his emotions stay private. While he is interested in the opposite sex, his intimacies have stayed, almost exclusively a part of flights or short flings of romantic/physical lust or attraction.
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History T’zen (then Thenzen) received his name from a Harper who was visiting with children at an orphanage on the northern continent. At the time he was an infant who had been recently dropped on the doorstep of the small orphanage. T’zen never met his parents, nor was he ever actually trained in a craft (though he had expressed an interest in smithing at a young age).

The children used to rush out of the orphanage when the dragons would fly overhead to the nearby Weyr. It was during one of these times that their eyes were turned skyward when one of the riders landed and identified a Thenzen as a candidate. T’zen impressed at his first hatching where he met his bronze, Yameth. T’zen rose quickly in the ranks and was made Wingleader at the young age of 21.

Although he had never been attached to one person romantically, T’zen had become good friends and a confidant of his Weyrwoman. While there was a mutual attraction, they never acted on it as she was with the Weyrleader, a rider that was a ten year senior of both T’zen and the Weyrwoman. The Weyrleader, feeling threatened by the growing closeness of the two and the impending flight of the gold, engineered a transfer of T’zen to River Cove.