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Green Rider Tanly

Name Tanly

Position Wing Rider

Rank Green Rider

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 27
Year Of Birth after landing M3 D5
Dragon Cadalayith
Dragon Age 7
Dragon Colour Green
Dragon Description dark forest green. Her underside is a lighter green, almost the color of grass. Her eyes normally flash blue-green in contentment. The area around her eyes is a jade green. Her hide usually has a leathery feel to it, unless she is upset or Tanly is seriously injured. Then her hide becomes brittle and very delicate. She loves to swim whenever possible. She refuses to leave Tanly’s side for any reason and will fight to the death to protect her rider and friend. She is very loyal and obedient. She usually does little errands since she is so small she can do things that the large dragons are unable to accomplish. She is usually very tolerant of fire-lizards, but they can start to irritate her if they get too nosey.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description waist length auburn hair, storm cloud gray eyes, bronze dragon tattoo on left shoulder blade. She stands at 5’4”. Usually wears leather riding pants. She refuses to wear dresses because men always try to take advantage of her. She prefers to stay in her dark green riding gear. She wears a dark brown, braided leather armband on her left arm. Her mother made it for her before she died and she now refuses to take the armband off. Her necklace was made by Sílei and has a small hand craved dragon on it. She wears leather boots lined by special Runner fur. She usually wears a long sleeveshirt that ties in the front and side to make it more difficult to get off. She wears a fur-lined vest for when she goes between and a normal green vest any other time. Her jacket is made of a special leather
that she discovered in her travels and protects her when riding her dragon.


Spouse/ Weyrmate I'han
Father S’gul 43(wing leader, bronze Zekorth)
Mother Lana deceased (Kitchen drudge)
Brother(s) S’lei 19(half-brother, Brown Redeirith)
K’vin 21(half-brother, Bronze Zaleith)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is very quiet and reserved. Tanly doesn’t talk to many people for fear of getting too close to them. Her and Cadalayith prefer to remain on their own. They take errands that keep them far away from people. She is mainly fearfully of men since her marriage to the Lord Holder. She fears every man is as cruel as the Lord Holder and will try to take advantage of her. She has very few friend aside from Cadalayith and doesn’t care to try to make any. She will talk to the other green riders, but stays away from the bronze riders and the queen riders. Tanly is very loyal to her friends once you get to know her. She will do anything for them and protect them to her last breath. She has had her heart broken by friends, so she is very suspicious of others. Tanly would rather be outside with the
dragons then indoors learning. She prefers to swim with Cadalayith whenever it is possible. She carries a home-made reed whistle with her that she likes to play when she is by herself or feels alone and afraid.


Personal History Tanly was born on a stormy morning premature to Lana, a kitchen drudge, and S’gul, a well respected wing leader of Telgar Weyr. The healer didn’t figure there was anyway that the little baby would make it. She was very tiny and weak. Her mother worried over her daily. Everyday that little Tanly lived was a miracle in
itself. Day by day she grew stronger and was running around with her half-brother who was six months older then her in no time. She was prone to getting sick
when she was younger and had to be carefully monitored. This usually bothered Tanly because she always had a spy. Usually her mother’s fire-lizard
was watching over her. She liked to do everything that the boys did, but her father forbid her to mingle with many of the other weyrlings. She was usually
confined to her weyr where Sílei would come and visit her to keep her company. Her beloved mother died in a terrible runner accident while trying to get back to

Tanly and her father blamed her for his mate’s death. She soon learned what her position was in her father’s eyes and humbly submitted to being treated like a slave. As she got older she started to get more rebellious. She wanted to do things for herself, but never went against her father’s commands. When Tanly was 15 Turns , S’lei snuck her down to her first Impression. When the young woman realized what her brother had done she tried to escape the Hatching grounds, but the eggs had already started to hatch and people blocked her exit. A lone green dragonet spotted the young woman and staggered over to her. The little dragonet head butted her and told her name was Cadalayith. 6 months later, she even agreed to a marriage that she didn’t want. Her father told her that she was to wed a wealthy Lord Holder. The only good thing was she got to spend lots of time with the watch dragon and his rider because he taught her everything she needed to know about raising Cadalayith. The Lord Holder was very mean to Tanly and always ridiculed her for having a dragon. Many a times he tried to dispose of the green dragon. Some way or another Cadalayith would escape and return to Tanly’s side.

One night, 6 months after their wedding, Tanly had had enough of the Lord Holder treating her like a slave. While the Lord Holder was fast asleep, the young
woman slipped out of their bedroom. She ran down to her dragon’s weyr and quickly slipped the riggings onto the green’s neck. Cadalayith gladly left Telgar Weyr. All they knew was they would never leave each other and they had to escape the region of Telgar. When she came to live at High Reaches she became an
outcast because of how different she was. She didn’t want to offend anyone, so she stayed away from people. Even the ones that tried to help her. Little by little she was taught the way of the dragonriders and slowly came out of her shell. She still preferred to be off by herself and always puts others’ needs before her own.

One day during weyrling training, her and Cadalayith were badly injured. They were both weyr bound for a month. Tanly’s left leg had been smashed and Cadalayith’s left wing had been ripped and needed time to heal. The young pair hated being weyr bound and had to be constantly monitored, so they wouldn’t escape. Cadalayith’s wing healed perfectly, but Tanly would have to live with a slight limp the rest of her life. This bothered her badly and she secluded herself from people even more, fearing what they were saying about her behind her back. Because of this she transferred to River Cove in her 18th Turn in hopes of forgetting her whole past.