Green Rider Calarya

Name Calarya

Position Wingsecond

Rank Green Rider

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 29
Year Of Birth after landing m6, d9
Dragon Leith
Dragon Age 11
Dragon Colour Green
Dragon Description Leith’s a large green; even though when she came out of her egg she looked a sickly colour she now is the colour of emerald. She’s a flirt more than her rider is but she calms as soon as Calarya says too.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description She’s petite that the only way you can describe her at 5’2, with green eyes, and a curvy figure.


Spouse/ Weyrmate G'van

Personality & Traits

General Overview she’s a flirt but She’s a capable leader, that makes her perfect as a wing third, she able to get the male dragon riders in her wing to do anything. She’s had a lot of heart ache; her Weyrmate was killed in the shame thread fall that killed the last WeyrWoman and she’s not really got over it yet, and Leith hasn’t of yet rose it a mating flight since.
Craft She doesn’t have a speciality but she has learnt a lot of Dragon and people healing skills.
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History She’s grown up in the Weyr after she was found abandoned in a desolate place as a baby by a rider of a weather sweep, who brought her back to River cove Weyr. She grew up running around, causing trouble and always dreaming of standing on the hatching ground and impressing a dragon, which she did when she was 16, since then she has risen through her wing, knowing that she’d never make it high with a green, but she knew she could try, so at the age of twenty-five she became wing third of her wing.