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Blue Rider Adrea

Name Adrea

Position Wingthird

Second Position Wingrider

Rank Blue Rider

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 22
Year Of Birth after landing 3129
Dragon Saiyath
Dragon Age 3
Dragon Colour Blue
Dragon Description Saiyath is a lean and compactly muscular dragon that is particularly proud of exactly how robust his cobalt shading is. He’s a capricious, playfully sarcastic, curious, and often times in some kind of trouble. He revels in racing, prowling, and in general being adored or fussed over. Grooming in specific is terribly important to Saiyith: he’s terribly particular about his care, how it is performed, what his area is like, and how he is entertained. If left to his own devices too long, Saiyath will entertain himself which usually leads to chaos.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Adrea has long, straight black hair that she usually wears braided tightly back. Her eyes are very dark brown bordering on black. The color of her skin naturally is a golden brown. She stands at 5’8” and has a very athletic build.


Father Bennett
Mother Maren
Brother(s) Graham – oldest brother (Deceased)
Logan – older brother
Darrit – younger brother
Pohl – younger brother
Tareq – younger brother
Tamson – younger brother
Westen – younger brother
Everen – younger brother

Personality & Traits

General Overview To the casual acquaintance Adrea is a bit of an intense soul. She’s quick to laugh, faster to throw out some witty quip, prone to speaking her mind, and intently focused on just about everything she does. Nothing is done halfway. Everything is held to the highest mark of perfection. She works hard, and the results are simply beautiful. Passionate, composed, perhaps a tad untouchable.

In truth, Adrea feels very deeply, she’s just learned not to show it so it isn’t judged. She is prone to deep thoughts, bouts of melancholy, and harsh self-critique, but will put all of it aside if someone else needs her whether it’s to talk, fight, or get mind numbingly drunk instead of being alone.
Craft Seamstress
Sexuality Bisexual


Personal History Adrea was born the third child out of eight to a large textile crafting family. As a child she wanted for nothing, however the price for such a life was constant scrutiny and high expectation for perfection in all things. Her older brothers bore most of it as they were expected to take over the family business, but she- she was the only girl child- and much more like a living doll to her very young and controlling mother. Disappointing her parents came as easily as breathing for all of the siblings, but especially for Adrea who couldn’t seem to ever do anything right. Most of her developmental years were spent trying desperately to fit this mold of the perfect little lady that she was required to be, and being utterly miserable doing it.

She was thirteen when her older brother took his own life rather than face his father. The loss and shock of her closest ally and protector rocked her to her core. While her parents juggled around the carefully planned lives that they’d picked out for their remaining children, Adrea started to see just how futile it was to keep playing their game. She had no interest in an arranged marriage or the lessons that they’d set up for her to be shaped into the perfect wife for whatever husband they picked out. At first, Adrea became distant and withdrawn as she waged a private war within herself in order to find herself. As she discovered more and more of her- what she valued, what she needed, who she was- Adrea became more and more defiant.

At fifteen she ran away with a harper that fancied, only to have her heart broken again when he told her to go back home once the novelty wore off. She did eventually, but not because she couldn’t stand on her own. Adrea had a deft enough hand with sewing, dyeing and needlepoint that she was in demand once she proved herself. She went back two years later to see her second oldest brother get married. It was actually during that debacle- because her parents threw a huge fit that Adrea made it clear that she was there for him, not them, and wouldn’t stay- that she was found on a search. The fact that she held her temper and laughed off the pain and indignation with a brave face that impressed the rider enough to offer her the grandest exit out of their lives that there could be.

When Saiyath came into her life, it was truly the first time that Adrea had ever found peace and understanding. He was someone that she didn’t have to perform for in order to stay in their good graces. She was simply loved, and she could give love back unconditionally for him, even if he was a mischievous ass at times. Adrea has grown as a person because of him, and finally likes the person that she’s chosen to be.

Adrea still returns home for every marriage and every birth, but has no relationship with her parents to speak of. Her mother still weeps over the loss of her good girl. Her father states- often and loudly- that he only has sons.