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Brown Rider B'hram

Name B'hram

Position Wingrider

Second Position Wingrider

Rank Brown Rider

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 25
Year Of Birth after landing 3127
Dragon Laith
Dragon Age 10 years
Dragon Colour Gold
Dragon Description Laith is a loam brown dragon that’s known for his ability to sleep through next to anything. He’s a trusting, gentle soul with a deep affection for anyone offering food or affection. So long as he has a full belly and there’s a sunny spot to nap, he’s utterly content. Laith is known for being a little bit clumsy and not entirely aware of his size.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description B’hram has curly dark brown hair that he keeps cut fairly short so it doesn’t become completely unmanageable. His eyes are a warm golden brown. He has a lanky build that reaches an even 6’ and pale skin. At first glance he’s an unremarkable young man aside from his height. Like his dragon, he exudes a kind of gentleness, though he is much more attentive and graceful.


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Having always been on the outside looking in, or the assistant not drawing attention from the main attraction, B’hram has learned to make himself unobtrusive and quiet. He also has a profound dislike of violence, which has earned him the reputation of being meek and shy. Once someone invests in him or shares in an interest, he’s full of thing to say and do, he just still needs that unspoken permission to shine.
Craft Scriber
Sexuality Heterosexual


Personal History As Bahram was told he was born to some unnamed drudge travelling with a group of traders to the hold that he grew up in. She gave birth there, and soon after left him there in the straw near the watch wher’s dugout when their wagons pulled away. He was found by chance, and named a child of the hold to be raised communally by the staff until his sixth year. A harper named Farred that passed a long bout of terrible weather took an interest in how quickly Bahram picked up the lessons that he gave to ward off his own boredom. When he finally could move on, he took Bahram with him in the hopes that he could pick some great skein of talent out of the young boy.

They traveled together extensively for several years before Farred finally admitted that though Bahram was an excellent student with a sharp and agile mind, he would never be a harper. The want was there, but not the finesse to create, only repeat. Crestfallen, he kept Bahram with him with the intent to find him somewhere where the young man could hopefully thrive. He had to belong somewhere.

How he ended up at the hatching where Laith chose him was actually kind of an accident. Farren was invited to watch since they were there at the time, and he naturally brought Bahram with him. It was a particularly frenetic scene with blood and hysterics and a couple of very high strung hatchlings going every which way with gusto. It was easy to misplace Laith who just determinately sought Bahram out and promptly tried to go to sleep on him.

From there on, B’hram carved out a very small niche in the weyr helping with the bookwork and supplies. It kept him fairly until the weyr eventually became too full and some of the riders needed to be sent on to other weyrs. He was one of the ones chosen to relocate.