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Bronze Rider V'ros

Name V'ros

Position Weyrlingmaster

Rank Bronze Rider

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 35
Dragon Naedeth
Dragon Colour Bronze

Physical Appearance


Spouse/ Weyrmate Analees
Children Rosan

Personality & Traits


Personal History V'ros was born in a small Hold in the Northern region of Pern, a planet known for its fierce dragons and their riders. From a young age, V'ros showed an affinity for animals, and spent much of his childhood studying the creatures that roamed the Hold's forests.

When V'ros turned twelve, he was chosen by a dragon hatchling to become its rider. He was elated, but also nervous, as he knew that becoming a dragonrider was a huge responsibility. He spent the next several years training with his dragon, a beautiful bronze named Naedeth, and together they honed their skills in aerial combat and search-and-rescue missions.

Despite their successes, V'ros and Naedeth faced their fair share of challenges. They were once badly injured in a battle against Thread, the deadly spores that fell from the sky and threatened the planet's inhabitants. The pair had to spend several months in recovery, but they emerged stronger than ever before.

As he grew older, V'ros began to mentor younger riders, passing on his knowledge and experience to the next generation joining the weyrlingmaster team.