Green Rider Z'toni of Green Emereth

Name Z'toni of Green Emereth

Position Wingsecond

Rank Green Rider

Character Information

Pets None
Gender Male
Age 32
Year Of Birth after landing 3499, Month 1, Day 3
Dragon Emereth
Dragon Age 14
Dragon Colour Green
Dragon Description Emereth is tiny, even for a green. She looks like she is still a Weyrling that needs filling out yet, appearing long and thin, but certainly healthy. Otherwise, she is well proportioned. Her hide is composed of nearly every shade of green found on Pern, making her appear to be moving in a bit of a blur no matter how fast or slow she is moving. Emereth is sweet like no other. Like her Rider, she is happy go lucky and happy to be living her life with her lifemate. She never shows any sign of aggression nor upset so long as she has Hers within reach of her mind and she is more than happy to let others know of her happiness with her lifemate, never thinking much about bespeaking another human.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Z’toni screams feminine. He lacks muscle tone, but somehow has just enough strength to care for his lifemate properly, standing at only 5’5”. His skin sports a constant glow from spending countless candlemarks of his free time in front of a hot fire. Pale white-blue eyes that used to be green stand out thanks to dark brown hair that is streaked with reds and curls loosely, barely long enough to be held back by a leather and glass hair pin. His hands and forearms are speckled in small scars caused by hot ashes and glass bits as well as most of his chest, up the front of his neck to his chin and about his cheeks and lips. His right arm has very little feeling from the elbow down, more of a tingling sensation like his lower arm and hand is stuck in a constant just woke from falling asleep state and he has a heavy limp in his right leg, no scars to tell the tale of the reason. He wears clothing of flashy colors, mixing it up now and again, but nearly always found in long sleeved tunics and pants sets. He wears thin boots that have no ties. He tends to wear homemade jewelry from bracelets to necklaces to earrings (both ears pierced three times) made of glass. The only weapon he carries is a standard issue beltknife that he has spruced up with glass jewels of his own creation.


Spouse/ Weyrmate N/A
Children N/A
Father T’lon (Tonilon) of Blue Kiroth - 58 - High Reaches Weyr
Mother Zeelira of Green Mayith - 50 - High Reaches Weyr
Brother(s) Most likely a few half brothers around High Reaches Weyr, but he knows none of them
Sister(s) Most likely some half sisters around High Reaches Weyr, but he knows none of them
Other Family None to note

Personality & Traits

General Overview Z’toni is a cheerful man with a youthful spirit, always sporting a smile for anyone that crosses his path. He is a terrible judge of character and never seems to learn from his mistakes in that area of life, being far too trusting of others when he probably should use a grain of caution. When working on any task, he tends to stick out the tip of his tongue to the side of his mouth in concentration. Thanks to his green lady, he’s had many rolls in the furs with both men and women, finding that he prefers men just a bit more than women, but none have gone anywhere due to his lack of judgement on how to act. He is carefree and can most often be found sketching a new design or working on his GlassSmithing. He seems to have no other emotion other than cheery and smiling, making one wonder (including his dragon) if he can be anything else. He does take his dragonriding seriously, but it is hard to tell with the ever constant smile on his face. It’s almost as if he has one and only one emotion: cheerfulness.
Craft Glass Smithing - Journeyman
Sexuality Bisexual


Personal History Zeetoni was born in the bitter cold of a High Reaches winter as the result of a mating flight between a greenrider and a bluerider, sent to the creche as soon as he was weaned from his mother and only knowing his parents by name and sight and nothing else. It didn’t bother the young lad in the least as he dreamed of riding a dragon of his own from the moment that he understood the way a Weyr worked. He got into trouble….a lot, having boundless energy as a child, until he found GlassSmithing by stumbling into a forge while playing a game of hide and seek when he was only 8. He was mesmerized by the man there and sat where he had hid for the next candlemark, green eyes never leaving the magic that happened to the molten glass as the man working the forge shaped the glass into a dragon in flight. Suddenly, the other creche children were forgotten as he spent every spare moment sneaking into the forges to watch the process of glass blowing. At 12, he not only chose to be a Candidate, but he also chose his Craft without a second thought: GlassSmithing. Life went on for the dreamer of dragonwings and he progressed easily in his Craft in between clutches, Standing hopefully at every one and being left without a dragon each and every time, but he hid his disappointment behind a graceful smile. Other boys and even some girls gained his attention by the time he turned 15 and he did what he could on exploring that area of life, but nothing stuck as experience grew. He became a Journeyman in his Craft at 16 and at 17, his life took a dive toward the negative when he was working on a new method that he had recently learned of. Something had gone wrong, the glass possibly not tempered properly just yet, and the project that he was working on blew up, showering him in glass shards and hot ashes and throwing him into the wall which consequently collapsed, burying him in the rubble. Perhaps it was fate that he had been found quickly enough or that a dragon did truly wait for him in his future, because Zeetoni woke up a few days later in the infirmary with a broken leg and arm from the rubble and skin that would scar from the burns that he had undergone. Half a turn later, just past his 18th turnday, he Stood on the Sands with a forced smile, his body still not back to normal and likely never going to be and his Craft possibly needing changed from a lack of true feeling in his dominant hand. It was that day, that a tiny cry for help drew him toward the eggs upon the Sands, something that had been drilled into him to never do, but he had heard the cry for help, a sweet sing song voice that called his name. He followed the call despite getting a hiss from the golden dragon that had clutched the eggs, laying his hands upon a cracked egg that shook less and less as the dragonet within grew weaker. “I’m here, my sweet Emereth,” he whispered to the egg, finding a crack just big enough to dig his fingertips into. Moments later, the tiniest green hatchling fell from the egg and into the lap of her Chosen with a bugle of delight. {{My Z’toni! You saved me!}} she cried joyfully for all to hear and was hugged by the happiest pair of arms on Pern as seemingly crippled Zeetoni, now Z’toni, cried happily. Finally, a true meaningful smile returned to Z’toni’s features as he threw his everything into caring for his new dragon. Weyrlinghood went smoothly for the pair, tiny Emereth only excelling at her sweetness and her agility in flight even if it wasn’t as long as most greens could. The pair Graduated and fell into life at the Weyr without any fuss, but just a turn later, Z’toni’s injuries came back to haunt him. He started to feel stiff and achy only halfway through his day and, after several months of trying things with the Healers, it was determined that High Reaches Weyr was simply too cold an environment for him and it was suggested that he transfer to a warmer Weyr. Over the next several turns, Z’toni visited the other Weyrs and learned what he could of their different weather patterns, finally deciding that River Cove Weyr in the south would be his best interest, so he put in his transfer to start a new life that hopefully would allow him to keep his mobility more easily...