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Green Rider Cathlyn

Name Cathlyn

Position Wingrider

Rank Green Rider

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 20
Year Of Birth after landing 1/11
Dragon Colour Blue

Physical Appearance

Physical Description She very much like her older sisters in looks, she’s tall and blonde, in a graceful way and she has green eyes.


Father N’raen- 49- Blue Garath
Mother Lyna- 45- green Lath
Brother(s) R’en- 21- Taleth
Sister(s) Neilla- 19- Sandith
Nerlyn – 25 green Leanth

Personality & Traits

General Overview She’s very much a Weyr brat, she’s very tough and outspoken the polar opposite of Neilla and R’en and the same as Nerlyn. She’s had a very easy past but gets very upset when people are hurt.


Personal History Cathlyn grew up in the Weyr, her parents were active in her upbringing as well as her foster parents who were always there for her when her parents couldn’t be because of their dragon commitments, they were a lot more hands on than most rider parents. She was banned from standing on the hatching ground till her 16th turn by her parents, but now that she has turned 16 she’s standing on the first hatching that comes by.