Green Rider Lyna

Name Lyna

Position Wingrider

Rank Green Rider

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 49
Dragon Lath
Dragon Age 20
Dragon Colour Green
Dragon Description Lath is a large green, of a light green colour; her wing membrane is a darker colour than her body.

Physical Appearance

Physical Description She tall and graceful, something she’s passed onto her daughters and she has dark blue eyes, her hair in a dirty blonde colour but it is slowly going lighter.


Spouse/ Weyrmate N’raen- 49- Blue Garath
Children Nerlyn- 25- Dragonless
Son: Raen- 21- Green Taleth
Daughter: Neilla- 19- Green Sandith
Daughter: Cathlyn- 16- Candidate

Personality & Traits

General Overview She’s a strong open character; she sees the best in people and is able to bring it out of them. She’s the mum of her wing, the new or young wing members have a tendency to come to her with personal problems to get her advice. It was the same attitude that managed to bring N’raen out of his shell after his dragon won, her green flight and she realised she loved him and would do anything for him.
Craft Healer
Sexuality Hetrosexual


Personal History Lyna grew up at Kymos hold, sneaking away to healer hall at every opportunity; the master healer took her in and started to train her as a healer of the mind, because of her kindness, it was a sad day when she was searched and impressed, she fell in love with a blue rider, but ever time she tried to talk to him, he would blush and woke away, it was only when she woke up beside him after her green first flight, and he revealed he liked her back just was scared, she used her gifts to bring him out of his shell and they went on to have three daughters and a son.