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Sometimes I need

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2023 @ 12:37pm by Gold Rider Jena & Bronze Rider K'vin
Edited on on Fri Jan 27th, 2023 @ 12:38pm

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: River Cove Weyr
Timeline: M1 D20

Jena sat quietly contemplating the crowd in front of her were watching her intently. She sighed looking up to see where K'vin was as he was late and that wasn't him at all. K'vin groaned as he jogged to the dining cavern. His stop at the Hold had take longer then he wanted. He smiled at Jena.

"Sorry i'm late." The woman shook her head softly at him.

"It is very unlike you." She admitted standing up to kiss his cheek letting the riders around them know that she was mated. Sometimes being a Queen Rider was all about politics.

He nodded. " I know. I got caught at Kymos," he smiled at her soft kiss. He was not going to share his mate with other riders.

"What were you doing there?" She wondered sure he had been on a weather sweep in the opposite direction.

He grinned and pulled a bag out of his pocket. He hoped she would lIke the necklace. "Had something I had to pick up," he answered, handing her the bag. Jena looked at the bag confused.

"Why have you gotten me a present... is there an occasion?" She wondered softly.

K'vin was surprised by her question. "Do I have to have a reason to get the love of my life a gift?" He asked curiously. "Just open it before you argue," he smiled.

"Nah huh... I'm arguing." She said grinning at him as she leant up again and kissed him.

He narrowed his eyes. "I can take it back," he threatened before leaning into to her kiss.

"You Rider should keep your marks for more important things." She murmured softly opening the small bag to look inside. He shook his head. "I can do what I want with my marks," he retorted. K'vin waited to see what she thought. The woman's eyes went wide as she took in the small golden dragon in the chain.

"Its... Its... kev." She whispered looking teary at him. K'vin reached up to touch her cheek.

"So I don't have to take it back?" He asked me trying to get her to smile again.

"No..." She breathed nudging his chest as she pulled back looking a little upset. She couldn't believe that he had brought her such a sweet item.

K'vin sat back a little, seeing the look on her face. "Jen? What's wrong?" he asked gently. Had he done something wrong?

"You really do love me don't you?" She murmured softly closing her eyes as it hit her that it wasn't just a normal relationships between riders. K'vin was surprised by her words, but slowly nodded.

"I do. I thought you knew that," he said gently. Jena was more important to him than anyone else in his life. She was the only one who had ever claimed his heart. She shook her head, her blonde hair flying all around her face as she wiped the stray curl from her face. K'vin reached out and gently caught her hand.

"Jen, this is no one more important in my life then you," he said softly, kissing her gently. "I never want you far from me."

"Well sometimes i will have to be far away," She joked softly at his kiss. It was nice that he was claiming her so to speak like this.

"Oh, and just where are you planning to go?" he asked curiously. he knew they couldn't always be together. Just like he knew his bronze might not always win her gold's flights. He had already lost once. He had just been lucky enough to have it be to K'ron who was already happy with his mate.

"Sometimes i can't be right here can i? Sometimes i have flights, or Drill or Fall." She started.

"Sometimes i need her K'vin," Lana commented on as she moved past the pair to her seat. It was nice that the Rider wasn't afraid to show his affections. K'vin nodded.

"I understand that. And I know we can't be together all the time, but that doesn't mean I don't want to cuddle with you every night and see you in the mornings." His face flushed when Lana walked by. "Of course, Weyrwoman."

"I know." She grinned as Lana commented on them. "I am going to have to go... i will see you later okay." Jena kissed him again softly. The bronze rider nodded.

"Of course. Will I see you this evening?" he asked. He knew sometimes she worked late into the night on hides with Lana. He was proud of her and happy to call her his mate and lover. Jena nodded, she sure would see him later. She laughed a little as he watched her. She quickly moved to sit down next to Lana. K'vin got up to grab something to eat then he would head back out again.


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