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Trying To Move Together

Posted on Thu Mar 30th, 2023 @ 2:22pm by Bronze Rider V'ros & Analees

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: RCW
Timeline: M01 D20

Analees yawned a bit as she straightened out her dress. It felt good to be able to be a normal person again, with no worries and just a chance to enjoy life again. Not to mention a certain handsome bronze rider that she needed to go find that morning. Was he handling lessons that day? She couldn't quite remember. She slipped out of the weyr and headed down to the Bowl to find V'ros.

V’ros was half standing soaked in the lake as Naedeth crouched submerged looking highly amused with himself. He had been trying to clean off the dragon but the bronze had taken it fully on himself to use his bulk to dunk him in the lake to cool him down. “Nae this isn’t fair…. You need to be cleaned off.” The man was scolding the dragon.

Analees hid a giggle behind her hand as she listened to her mate scold his dragon. Of course, the bronze didn't seem upset about it at all. "I do not think he is afraid of you love," she smiled.

The man whirled around and looked at the woman. For a moment he looked annoyed before his features softened. “He will never be afraid of me as he should.” The man sighed and splashed up at the dragon before joining the woman on the shore.

Analees bit down on a giggle as she could see he was a bit annoyed with his dragon. "He just knows you're a pushover," she teased him. "Which is just one of the many reasons I love you."

The weyrlingmaster looked at the woman and smiled. His gaze softened even more as he calmed down and took in the woman. It was her charm that had won him over. “I am not a pushover.” He assured grumpily as the dragons dumped more water over him as he shifted in the lake again “Stop it.”

Ana raised a brow, her chocolate eyes dancing. V'ros had been the one who had shown her who she truly was. "Are you sure?" She teased as he got drenched again. "I'm rethinking my offer to help," she laughed.

“Naedeth you have a candlemark and then I am scrubbing you.” V’ros sighed softly and started towards the shore and Analees. He bent down and kissed her cheek softly. “Hello dear.” He kept his distance though to keep her slightly dryer.

Analees watched the bronze, wondering just who would win. She then flashed her mate a smile. It felt good to smile again. "Hello, handsome. Hope you don't mind some company."

The bronze rider shook his head. He would never mind some company from his mate if all people. It was hard to explain how he felt with her standing there after everything but it was nice to just be them again. “Not in the slightest. It is nice to see you in some sunshine instead of glows or dark.”

"It does feel like fortnights since we've seen each other in the sun, " she agreed. She knew he was busy with the weyrlings though and she helped at the crèche a lot. "But we're here now," she smiled, stepping up to him. She snuggled against his chest not caring about getting wet.

It was nice for them to have a moment in the sun together. The man made a move to step back but stopped as he was held there and resisted the move away. “We are. Fancy a swim in the lake?” He wondered as they had not done anything like that for a while. It was something they had used to do often before it got complicated. Kirala was still a weakness but it was becoming less and less a problem.

Analees wasn't about to let him go. Not when they finally had a few moments together. They had had a rocky path and she knew that he still thought about Kirala. She would never hold that against him. Especially with her past and how she wasn't able to be there for him after Rosan was born. "A swim sounds wonderful. "

The man enjoyed how close she was despite the wetness. “Good. Let’s swim out to the island and back? Go change?” He suggested thinking that the island would be a nice place to rest before coming back.

The young woman looked out toward the island, her eyes dancing. "Sounds perfect," Analees smirked at him. "Don't need to," she assured him.

The weyrling master raised an eyebrow surprised as he took in her outfit. “Being a little wild here.” The man said stripping out of his tunic properly.

Analees laughed a bit. "Maybe I just wanna show off," she teased, shimming out of her skirt. She kept her tunic on just because.

The man's eyebrow stayed up but he did grin. “I am hoping just to me or are you trying to lore others to their doom in the water?” He asked fully appreciating her efforts.

Analees laughed, a true laugh. Something she never thought possible til V'ros. "Only you," she assured him, moving over to hug him. "Always you."

The Weyrlingmaster grinned as he bent down to hug her to him. She fit perfectly and it was like for a moment they were several turns back before all the troubles. “I am trying…” He said knowing that it had been difficult the last couple of turns.

Analees snuggled against his chest listening to his heartbeat. The dark-haired woman nodded slightly. "I know you are," she said softly. "We both are."

Trying was all they had right now and then but it was a grounding spot to move from. And moving was what he did well as he picked the woman up flinging her over his shoulders. “Swimming time.” He announced proudly. He was already wet so he was fully aware of how cold it was so he was accustomed to it.

Analees had no doubt they would get through anything that came their way. They had already faced more than most people should have to in a lifetime. "Hey!" She laughed as he swung her over his shoulders. She gasped in shock when they touched the water. "That is cold!"

“Welcome to my world.” He whispered chucking her properly in the water laughing before he swam to join her. “Island and back.” He reminded pointing to the small island in the lake that had always been a point of pride for the weyr brats when they could swim there and be part of the older children.

Analees' teeth chattered a bit. "No wonder you didn't want to be splashed." She hadn’t realized the water was quite so cold. She nodded. "Island and back," she agreed with a smile.


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