The Final Night

Posted on Thu Aug 3rd, 2023 @ 4:59pm by Dolphineer Nerlyn & Bronze Rider K'ron

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: RCW

Nerlyn was slowly finishing packing her rucksack for the next few days on the ship and the duties she would be performing when she heard the subtle sounds of K’ron waking up. She closed the pack and turned to face the discussion that was going to be coming their way.

“Daddy is awake,” Rean commented hearing the noises himself.

“Daddy is very tired,” Nerlyn said to the small boy who was sat looking sad next to her at the thought of having to stay with Tula for the next couple of days whilst his mama was away.

The nap had certainly helped. Unfortunately, K'ron knew it would take more than a rest to get him back on his feet but it had certainly helped. He sat up with a stretch, hearing movements in the other room.

K'ron slid off the bed and headed for the soft noises. "Hey guys," he smiled, seeing his mate and son.

Nerlyn offered a smile as the little boy wandered over and lifted his arms to the man. “Mama is packing.” He said sadly before Nerlyn shook her head.

“I am but it means the quicker I pack the more time I get to spend with my boys before I go in the morning. Lyna brought him home sooner than expected as he was grumpy.” She added the last part to the man solely as she bent up to kiss his cheek.

K'ron bent down to lift his son up. The boy was growing fast. "She is but it's okay. She'll be back and until then you and I will have fun when you're not with Tula," he promised, kissing the boy's hair.

He flashed Nerlyn a smile, seeming a bit more awake. "I like the sound of that." His eyes danced cheerily. "Ooh grumpy huh?"

“Very grumpy.” Nerlyn said moving her kisses to the little boy who protested before grabbing Nerlyn’s hair so she could not move back to what she had been doing. She made a ‘see’ face that it was exactly what the boy had been doing since he had come back and found her packing.

“Want mama to stay.” He said simply.

“Rean I have to go, it's my duty as a dolphineer.” Nerlyn said wrapping her arms around them both.

"Well I see that," K'ron commented. Raen wasn't usually like that.

The bronze rider reached up to carefully untangle Raen's fingers as Nerlyn moved close to them. "I don't want her to go either, buddy, but she'll be back. And you know Koda will take messages to her if you want. "

“Not mama.” He said stubbornenly burying his face into the mans shoulder.

“I will be seven sleeps gone and then I will be back with sand in my hair and smelling off salt and we can go swimming.” She said tickling his side but it just got a grumpy mumble from the boy. He was not impressed at all.

K'ron glanced up at his mate. This was not going well at all. He smoothed the boy's back. "Mama's right. Maybe we can even go on a picnic," he suggested.

The boy peaked up and Nerlyn caught his face and smothered him in kisses again making him wiggle and giggle. “We will have so much fun.”

The bronze rider was grateful for the giggles. "Oh we will," he agreed, feeling more like himself too.

Nerlyn stroked his face. “I love you Rean. I will always come back to you.” Nerlyn said quickly kissing his nose before she kissed K’ron’s cheek. “And daddy.” She declared just as quickly not wanting the man to feel left out when he was already feeling touché.

K'ron loved watching Nerlyn with Raen. She was a great mother but he still worried about her health and hoped things went smoother this time. "You better, " he teased.

“No one else I’d rather come back to.”
She promised softly and shook her head as she kissed him properly. Rean smiled, he loved seeing his parents happy even if he knew that sometimes his parents had to be apart and he had to go to his foster mother.

He leaned into her kiss. He was going to miss her but he understood. "I like the sound of that," K'ron whispered before grinning at his son. "Someone is happier."

The little boy threw a look at his father but leaned out to grasp his mother again and Nerlyn took him this time and held him against her side. “How about daddy cleans up and we meet him down in the dining cavern?”

K'ron raised a dark brow as Nerlyn took Raen. "Are you saying I smell?" He asked, pretending to be offended. He actually felt good and couldn't wait to spend the evening with his family.

Raen laughed seeing the pretending that was going on. “No, I am saying you have just woken up and aren’t dressed for the dining cavern.” She said poking his bare chest and glancing down at his lack of shoes. “So take your time and we will be there.”

The bronze rider chuckled, loving the laughter around him. 'Well in that case," he grinned, a bit reluctant to leave. "I shall meet you both down there."

“Do not be long. It is Tula’s stew tonight and you know how quickly that goes.” Nerlyn nodded scoping the boy up properly and held him close as she smiled at the man and left him to get ready. By the time he arrived, she had three trays of foot set out and was already helping the little boy eat some stew without too much mess.

"Ooh don't want to miss that," K'ron agreed. He got ready as quickly as he could and headed down to see his family. He smiled when he saw them. "Hey," the bronze rider said, sitting down.

Nerlyn was happily focusing on Rean but leant over to press a kiss to him before carrying on with their son. “Eat up before it gets cold.” She prompted quietly as she spotted both Lana and Jena both come in talking in hushed tones.

K'ron chuckled softly. He loved watching his little family with another on the way. He soon saw what had caught Nerlyn’s eye and frowned. That didn't look good.

Nerlyn blinked a couple of times and returned her attention fully to the man. She caught his gaze and offered him a frown. “Probably nothing. Just typical Queen Rider stuff.” She said softly trying to not sound bitter or resentful about the likelihood it was about the upcoming Queens flight.

The bronze rider tilted his head a touch. Even though she tried to hide it he knew it still upset her. "Possible," he agreed. "Let's just enjoy our day."

The woman nodded and shifted a little to focus on Rean. She did not need the bad feelings when she was leaving in the morning and this was the last family meal for awhile.

K'ron didn't want to think about the flight. That meant Nerlyn was leaving and they still had a lot to talk about. "Are you enjoying your meal?" He asked Raen.

The little boy looked between his parents not at noticing the sudden changes in his parents sudden change. “Yum yum.” The boy declared as Nerlyn gave him a loaded spoon of the casserole and he put it into his mouth.

The bronze rider laughed a bit, smiling at his mate. "Well guess that settles that then." At least Raen was happy.

Nerlyn nodded. It certainly settled that one of them were happy. That was at least a start for them. K’ron and Nerlyn would be happy once the Queens Flight was over and things were back to some type of normality.