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RCW: End Of The Night

Posted on Wed Feb 9th, 2022 @ 12:51am by Gold Rider Lana & Bronze Rider A'ren
Edited on on Wed Sep 14th, 2022 @ 9:43am

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: River Cove Weyr
Timeline: M1 D3 2nd CM

The dress was a deep purple that left her shoulders mostly uncovered and flowed down into an elegant semi-sweetheart neckline. It was a tight fit which made the dress look comfortable, yet elegant and stylish. Well it had at the beginning of the night but now six candlemarks later it had spilt wine over from a Weyrling who had stumbled with her glass and grass from where Lana had decided to take a moment to star gaze by herself. Her hair was filling out of the clips and ties but she was happy in body and spirit.

Lana was clinging to A’ren as they staggered through their Weyr to make it at the very least to bed before they stumbled. “I think tonight was a success Weyrleader.”

A'ren had been glad the evening had gone so well. He had been a bit worried as they had gotten dressed that night. He felt like a stuck pig in his high collared Ttunic and dress pants. Lana on the other hand had looked stunning. Even now with her hair falling down she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

"I have to agree Weyrwoman," he grinned, an arm around her waist. They definitely needed to get to the bed fast before they both collapsed.

"I always like it when you call me Weyrwoman.... your woman...Weyrleader" Lana said as a flirt as decided the couch was more suitable and nearly fell over the low table to sit down. She only just missed the mirror and tray that had been left there from when they had been getting ready. Kalaith snorted from the ledge to let her rider know she was not happy with the noise and Lana giggled softly and shh-ed her self but it was impossible, she was happy and loud with it.

A'ren almost went down with her. They had definitely had a lot to drink but it had been a good night and well worth it. He started laughing himself. Something that he started doing a lot more with Lana in his life. "Well Weyrwoman, think we're making our dragons mad," he laughed again as Zarminath rolled his eyes.

Lana grinned up at him and tugged on his belt pulling him closer despite how he had managed to stay on his feet. How had he not drunk as much as her? They were both sharing skins of wine. “Then you need to be quiet.” She teased softly knowing that she was being to noisy.

A'ren stumbled a bit, nearly going down. "And I think we should sit before we fall," he chuckled, falling onto the couch with an arm around her waist. "Quiet? Nah," he laughed.

“I am sat. I was trying to bring you down with me?” She reminded as she moved clumsily to wrap his other arms round her as she moved onto his lap. “I cannot say that I am quiet. It is not something that I have ever been.” She admitted laying her head against his.

"Good point, " he admitted with a chuckle. He had certainly drunk too much. He was missing little things. "Our dragons will be fine. We're allowed to be noisy," he grinned, kissing her forehead.

Lana smiled and leaned forward resting her head against his. It was an intimate gesture as she just stared into his eyes. "We are allowed to be whatever we want to be." She whispered thinking on all that had changed in the last turn from Elysia leaving the Weyr to start afresh in the North to Dragon Hold no longer being an issue.

A warm smile touched his lips as he gently ran a hand up and down her arm. "That we can be," he agreed. Maybe they would finally be able to get things back on track and more normal. Well, whatever normal was. It felt like ages since they had normal.

"Well within reason of Weyrleaders and Dragonriders." She mused wishing she sounded soberer at that moment instead of saying whatever was on her mind. It was amusing to see A'ren lowered to her level in regards to booze. It had been many turns since they had both been drunk and fumberling around.

He raised a sandy colored brow. "Within reason? Huh, that is pretty broad," he chuckled, surprising himself that he was so drunk. He never let himself get that drunk. Not as Weyrleader anyhow. Right now though he didn't care. He had Lana with him.

"Ah-huh," Lana mumbled that it was broad for a reason as she pressed against him and kissed him deeply. It was nice feeling to want to be like that with the man against without worrying that something was going to happen in the Weyr. It was protected from threat again thanks to the south bounding together,

A'ren growled happily, wrapping his arms around Lana. It was the first time in a long time that they could be themselves without worry. He ran his hand up her back, not in any hurry for the night to end.


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