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RCW: Hide Work

Posted on Fri Mar 25th, 2022 @ 10:45pm by Dolphineer Nerlyn & Bronze Rider K'ron
Edited on on Wed Sep 14th, 2022 @ 9:43am

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: RCW
Timeline: M1 D8 10th CM

Nerlyn had kept her promise and had come to bed barely half a candlemark after him but even when she had risen the next morning the man was still sound asleep. She could not valentines him when the bags under his eyes had been so bad. She gave him a soft caress and got out of bed.

Dressed in a loose vest and shorts she had gone out to the living area using his desk area to finish her log reports for the Fleet duty she had completed. She was still learning the hide work for the apprentice role that she was soon to leave to walk the tables and become a junior journeywoman but it was not second nature yet like wing records and fall reports. She would get there eventually, starting life over was not all straight work.

K'ron had barely heard Nerlyn come to bed and had only moved slightly when she shifted on the bed. The next morning was the same. He was worn out and felt like he hadn’t slept in ages. The light touch to his cheek had him moving slightly but not enough to wake yet

Koda on the other hand had heard Nerlyn moving around. The little brown left his sleeping spot curled up with his bronze cousin and went to check on his Pet's love. He cheeped a greeting to her.

Nerlyn held out her hand hearing the cheep from where she was sitting bent over figuring out her words. She looked up as she felt the little weight and snuggled him into her lap. "We have to work on a report whilst Kiron sleeps." She mused to him and herself. Maybe she should have gotten Klah before she started but it was too late now to go down to the cavern to get it.

Koda happily snuggled down in Nerlyn's lap. The little brown looked at the hidework as if he was trying to figure out how to help her.

Tyreth peeked his head inside the weyr. ((Are you okay?)) He asked. Nerlyn was the only other one he talked to besides K'ron. ((Shall I wake Mine?))

Nerlyn jumped at the familiar voice speaking to her. She shook her head. “I am struggling with a form much like K’ron did when he became wing second.” She spoke trying to explain it to the bronze in a way he would understand.

Tyreth blinked a bit. His rider had poured over hides for candlemarks. He snorted softly. ((Mine could help,)) he offered. He could feel K'ron was still sleeping but he could wake him up.

“He needs sleep. He looks tired.” She surmised shrugging. She was not sure at all if waking him was a good idea at all. She could remember falls where the wind had shifted and caused trouble. If he woke up she could make it up to him later if he helped her she mused.

Tyreth snorted, clearly not impressed. K'ron groaned as he heard the slight prodding in his head from his dragon. He reluctantly slid out of bed, rubbing at his face. When he realized that Nerlyn wasn't in bed with him he wandered toward where he could hear his dragon. "Ner?" He asked softly.

“Hi?” She greeted feeling a bit awkward about what the dragon had done. She had been a wingthird after all so could not understand why she was having so many issues adapting to the hide work. “Sleep well?” She wondered trying to put off her request for help.

K'ron yawned a bit as he rubbed his eyes. "I did. I never even heard you come to bed last night. " That wasn't normal for him at all. He moved around to lean against the corner of the couch, still trying to wake up. "What are you up to so early?"

"It is not really that early but I was up doing my reports." Nerlyn started to explain before she blushed. "I am struggling just a little bit. Been a while since I have done this type of thing and I have forgotten how to put it together." She explained in a small voice as she tried to not be embarrassed but she was.

K'ron blinked a bit. Had he really slept that late? He couldn't remember the last time he had done that. He gave her a slight smile. "No reason to be embarrassed," he assured her hearing it in her voice. "I can help if you like."

His words did not really make the woman blush any less as it was slightly embarrassing as she used to be the one who got all of this. It was hard being a female dragon rider and being in leadership due to the size of their dragon. You got better than the male riders at the paperwork and managing people unless you were a female blue rider but they were still pretty rare. “It is.” She laughed knowing that he would not see it like that at all. "I used to be the one who got this." She reminded.

K'ron slid into the vacant chair, rubbing his eyes still. Apparently, he wasn't completely awake yet. Koda seemed to laugh at his Pet as he watched K'ron and Nerlyn. The bronze rider inwardly winced. He hadn’t even considered that. "I hadn't even thought about that," he admitted with a sheepish smile.

Nerlyn smiled brightly at him taking in his appearance and how tired he was. "It can wait. I have a few hours before it is due. My brain is scrambled from the lack of working over the last turn and I just cannot seem to bring it all together." She said shaking her head in a wobble. "I am trying to put into a report how the weather is." It was an easy task really but the words were just not coming.

The bronze rider yawned again, resting his head on his folded arms on the table. "Hmm, that doesn't sound too bad. What do you have so far?" He asked. Sometimes you just needed a second pair of eyes.

"I've just listed the days and the weather." She murmured looking at him guiltily and then looked to Koda shooting him a look. "What have you been up to? You are knackered?" She asked gently.

"That's a good start." He had no doubt that she would be able to pull it all together. Neryln had always been great at hidework. "Drills and making sure my wing is set," he answered.

“Are you sure? Maybe you should go back to bed and I’ll go and get some breakfast and bring it back to you.” She offered concerned. She had been busy but he seemed to be exhausted.

He nodded, pretty sure. He really wasn't sure why he was so exhausted. He hadn’t really done anything different from normal. K'ron hesitated. "You wouldn't mind doing that? I hate sending you down. I had planned on sharing breakfast with you," he said, biting back another yawn.

“I am a big girl. I am sure I can have a wander down and sort out some food for us both.” She assured quickly standing up. It was not like she did not know the route or anything.

He knew that had sounded wherry headed. Nerlyn probably knew the Weyr better than he did. "Thanks. I'll try to be a bit more awake when you get back."


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