RCW: Winds Of Change

Posted on Fri Jun 25th, 2021 @ 6:18pm by Gold Rider Lana & Bronze Rider A'ren
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Mission: 3531 AL
Location: River Cove Weyr
Timeline: M1 D1 16:00

Lana gasped waking up, her head flew from the desk where she had fallen asleep looking over reports of the injured from fall. She looked around the record chamber wildly trying to place where she was. She hated falling asleep after fall like that as it left her in a deep sleep that she would be disturbed from.

}: Finally! A’ren has been looking for you?:{ Kalaith explained why she had been trying to wake up the Weyrwoman. Lana licked her lips confused at where she was and why she ached so much.

***A’ren? You call him A’ren now?*** The Weyrwoman wondered confused as she tried to wake up more. The gold dragon just tumbled and settled back into her own sleep.

Zarminath yawned as he curled up in the sun.  The Fall had been a hard one.  One that had left a few score marks on the bronze's hide.  With numbweed and sun, the dragon was nearly asleep as his Rider looked for Lana.

A'ren blew out a breath.  He had no idea where Lana could be.  He absently scratched at the score on his arm as he walked. 

Lana slowly stood up hearing noise further along the corridor. She approached the door and opened it quietly enough that she saw the Weyrleader scratching his arm. "It won't heal if you do that." She mused. Her voice was strained as she took in his appearance and how tired and worn out he looked. It had been a long fall that had been stirred up by an unpredictable wind from the east but she had not been scored or even touched by it all.

A'ren nearly jumped, his hand falling to his side. His mate was right. He honestly hadn't even realized he was doing it. "Thanks for the reminder," he smiled tiredly. He had shed his jacket but he still smelled like Firestone. "That was quite a Fall," he commented, hiding a yawn.

Lana smiled for a moment before moving forward to him putting her arms on his shoulders feeling the tension there. “You always need a reminder. Cannot teach old canines new tricks.” She reminded with a smirk. “It was. That wind did not help. Are you okay?” She wondered looking at the score, trying to make sure they did a good job.

He laughed a bit. "True enough. Good thing I have you to help me remember, " he grinned. Over time Lana had certainly helped him to come out of his shell more. "No, that wind definitely made things worse." He nodded. "Yeah, I think so. Tired more than anything." His arm did itch but it wasn't horrible.

Lana smiled patiently and ran her hand lightly down his good arm and took hold of his hand leading him back down the corridor into their weyr and somewhere a lot more comfortable than the records chamber. It had obviously been comfortable enough for a woman not injured and tired but for him, it would be impossible to rest. “Sit.” She instructed poking his chest and him towards the couch as she fussed around with the lighting and got some food.

A'ren twined his fingers through hers. He was too tired to argue about moving and there was actually still hide work to fill out. He quietly followed Lana to their weyr. He laughed tiredly as she pushed him onto the couch. "Yes Weyrwoman," he smiled.

“Well, Weyrleader actually listening.” Lana teased gently as she sat on the coffee table in front of him looking him over intently for more signs of damage. “How did you get scored?” She wondered softly.

He grinned at her. Yes, he wasn’t always good at listening but this time Lana was definitely right. He blew out a soft breath. "Wind changed direction just as Zar dove after some Thread. Got us both but thank Faranth not bad."

Lana nodded relieved that the dragon had obviously ducked between to rid them of the live thread. “Thank Faranth indeed.” The Weyrwoman moved forward and moved aside his damaged shirt to look at the numbweed properly.

He certainly owed Zarminath for acting quickly. He hissed a bit as she moved his shirt, closing his eyes tightly. The numbweed helped but it still hurt. "Sharding wind change," he said.

Lana gave him a sympathetic look but did not apologise. It needed to be done and she wanted to check him properly as sometimes in thread first aid things were missed in the rush. “Happens this time of year. Watch riders and the Dolphineers are increasing away duty.” She mused. “Going to need to take it off love.” She was not happy.

A'ren should be used to being scored. It wasn’t his first time and certainly wasn’t his last. "They are certainly working hard. Unfortunately, no one can predict the weather perfectly." He groaned a bit. "Of course," he caved. "Do it quick."

“Come on Weyrleader any other time you would be actively enjoying me taking your shirt off.” She teased him unmercifully as she undid the ties and managed to slid the shirt off of him thankful he had decided that instead of a tunic that would have gone over his head.

He actually laughed a bit, but winced. "Maybe if I wasn't so tired," he smiled. "Or apparently hurting more than I thought." Sharding Thread had certainly taken its toll.

“Showing your age.” She added lightly seeing the score marks better. She pulled outdone numbweed to add to the edges that had been missed. “Just a little but I would put your drills back to normal drills for a few days.” She knew he loved training his riders but she was concerned about him pushing himself.

A'ren wrinkled his nose. There were certainly days he felt old. Lana always seemed to keep him young though. He managed to keep himself from shifting as Lana applied more numbweed. He blew out a breath. "You're probably right. I'll keep it easy for a couple of days."

Lana just smiled at him and patted his cheek with a clean finger before disappearing to clean her hands before e numbweed affected her. “Wine or klah?” She wondered softly as she heard the familiar rumbling of food coming.

The Weyrleader shook his head, a smile touching his lips. She definitely kept him sane. "Wine would be great. Especially after today." Thankfully there hadn't been any casualties.

Lana had already been reaching for the skin of what he requested. She poured two large glasses sitting in front of him again on the table. “Today could have been better but it could have been a lot worse.” She reminded taking a gulp of the wine. It was a fruity red from kymos hold.

"You are very right there," he agreed, sipping on the wine she had handed him. "No major injuries. I think everyone is just gonna need some sleep."

Lana nodded. They did not have moments like this often so it was nice to just savour some wine and talk. “I know I could use some sleep and certainly a proper bath.” She had been asleep in the record room after all.

A'ren tried not to yawn but failed miserably. "Me as well." He took another sip of wine. "Shall we try to at least get the bath before someone comes calling for us?"

Lana scratched at the bracelet she wore constantly on her wrist and undone it rubbing the old scars that were there. “You need more time for the numbweed even if you are a bit stinky.” She teased looking from her wrist to him grinning.

He rolled his eyes with a slight chuckle. "Bed it is then," he laughed. She had a point. He did need to let the numbweed settle in more.

“You better be on your side when I come out the bathing chamber.” She said leaning over putting a kiss on his forehead. She stayed close looking into his eyes for a long moment before just smiling. “Winds mean change though.” She said hopefully.

"Oh do I have to stay on my side?" He asked innocently with a smile. She was his perfect match. She kept him grounded. "Very true," he agreed.

“Ah huh. Smelly and sweaty you need to only mess one side of the bed.” She grinned leaning over to properly kiss him. “Maybe this year will be better. Dragon Hold is gone.” She said trying to not blanch at the final moments of that nor how it had gone down before.

"Fine. I'll stay on my side, " he grinned before leaning into her kiss. "I sure hope so." He shuttered a bit. "Thank Faranth that place is gone." They had gotten a few good people from there but most were evil.

"I refuse to believe anything less. We cannot keep going that route. It was destroying the Weyr." She assured pressing another kiss to him before she stood up. There would be more time later to talk but they both needed to rest and clean up and not talk anymore about Dragon Hold and the events that had occurred. That darkness was behind them.