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RCW: Sleep Is Good For The Soul

Posted on Fri Jun 25th, 2021 @ 7:39pm by Dolphineer Nerlyn & Bronze Rider K'ron
Edited on on Thu Sep 23rd, 2021 @ 11:15pm

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: River Cove Weyr
Timeline: Month 1 Day 7 2nd CM

When Nerlyn had signed up for Fleet Duty she had not considered that she would be away for ten days. It had been fun accompanying the fishing fleet. She had been to prove herself to the Master that she had been with that she was able to communicate with the dolphins on behalf of the seacrafters, administer dolphin medical attention twice, and gather information as to currents, weather, and seismic activity which had allowed them to be able to convey the wind shift to the Weyr for thread. But she had not considered that she would be away from the Hall or Weyr for a span for so long due to the shift in winds.

She smiled as she snuck into the weyr and saw the great bronze sound asleep and the glows inside barely lit signified that her weyrmate was sound asleep. She grinned as she found him curled up in bed with Koda sleeping on her side of her bed. “So this is what happens when I’m not here huh?” She wondered to herself before disappearing into the bathing chamber to scrub the salt out of her hair.

K'ron had hated being without Nerlyn. He was grateful that she had found something to keep her occupied though. She seemed much happier now.

Koda woke at Nerlyn's soft steps and lifted his head. The little brown cooed softly and disappeared between to appear next to her. He chattered happily at his friend.

“Shh.” Nerlyn soothed scratching his tiny ridges as she started to strip out of her clothes. She ached so much but it was the kind of ache that she was getting used to again. It helped her cope with the loss and gave her something to occupy her mind. “Coming for a swim?” She wondered to the tiny flit with a smile.

Koda bobbed his head happily, crooning as Nerlyn found his favorite spot. He soon dove into the water with her, coming back up and chattering happily. He splashed around in the water.

Nerlyn grinned as she settled into the warm water and just savoured it. She leant her head back on the edge of the pool just sitting on the ridge there. The steam coming off the small pool was perfect for easing her muscle for a moment. “Well at least one of us is feeling active.” She mused.

Koda paddled over next to Nerlyn and gently nuzzled her cheek. He always seemed to know when Nerlyn needed him and he always stayed close even when K'ron couldn't be there. He crooned happily, splashing a bit.

Nerlyn smiled at the little flit and cuddled him close for a long moment before letting him go with hushed shh-ing. They had to be careful to not wake up the bronze rider.

Koda tilted his head to the side as he snuggled close to her. He didn’t understand why he should be quiet.

"No reason to be quiet on my behalf," K'ron yawned, peeking into the bathing room.

Nerlyn grinned as she turned to see the man stood in the doorway. He always took her breath away to think that they were just them finally. “Hello, Wingleader.” She called to him.

Koda cheeped a greeting. K'ron chuckled a bit as he stepped into the bathing room. "Welcome home, love," he said, kneeling by the water. "Missed you."

Nerlyn looked up as he appeared above her and offered a kiss to his bare leg that was near him. He looked tired but she gathered the two falls she had missed had been hard work, everyone would be tired. “Bed to yourself? I would not miss you if the roles were reversed.” She teased.

The bronze rider rolled his eyes as he sat down by the edge of the pool. He laughed a bit. "Well, I must say Koda tried to keep me company but it just wasn’t the same." The little brown chattered at them both.

“I saw how he was curled up on my side of the bed.” She said fondly stroking a finger along his cheek glancing at the flit fondly as he chattered away as much to say you know you both love me. “I would like to think it is not the same. Are you okay Kiron?” She wondered pushing herself away from the edge ducking under the surface.

Koda bobbed his head, clearly not sorry about taking Nerlyn's side of the bed. K'ron smiled at his mate. "Yeah, he was very protective of your side." He nodded a bit. "Think so. Just tired. The Falls have been bad. How bout you? You okay?" He liked how she called him by his birth name.

“All my years of giving him scraps have paid off then.” She grinned wildly ducking under the water to wet her hair to scrub it free of the salt. “We missed the falls luckily. We were south and then east of them out by the islands as the winds shifted.” She admitted going to work on her long hair.

Koda chattered in agreement, making K'ron laugh. "I see that. Guess my treats didn't mean anything, " he smiled. He watched her duck under the water, glad she had been safe. "I'm glad you missed it. It was a wicked couple of Falls."

“Everyone we met said that.” She soothed looking up to see him watching her and smiled. “Thread cannot get me in water. The dolphins love playing in the thread after they are dead.” She hated seeing them doing it but everything was a game to them.

He nodded. At least he knew she was safe when they were apart. He hated being apart but he understood why. "Really? I guess I hadn't taken the time to notice. Normally after Fall, I'm ready to just sleep," he admitted, yawning a bit.

“Have you been looking after yourself?” She demanding standing up in the water to use the scrubbing sands everywhere. She was no longer ashamed of her body as it had grown back to its peak fitness and she felt so healthy again.

He cringed a bit. "Been trying to," he promised. "Maybe not as well as I should have been." He smiled, glad she didn't seem so ashamed anymore. He had always loved her no matter what.

"K'ron." She sighed at him and shook her head turning away. She quickly scrubbed the sand off of her and rose out of the pool grabbing a towel first wrapping it around her body before wrapping another around her hair. He would know how disappointed she was by using his dragon rider name. "What am I going to do with you huh?"

The bronze rider cringed a bit. He knew he was in trouble now. "Love me the way I am?" He replied innocently, pushing to his feet. He knew he was going to have to make it up to her and start being more conscious of his own needs.

Nerlyn moved closer to him as he stood and wrapped her arms around him. "You looked after me so let me now look after you bronze rider." She whispered smiling at his innocent expression. She knew he was nowhere near that, she knew him better than she knew herself sometimes.

He happily wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her forehead. "I definitely have no complaints there," he smiled. Although he was so glad to see her coming out of her shell. He had feared he would lose her.

"So go to bed and we will catch up properly in the morning." She whispered smiling at him with a shake of her head. "I am always going to be here but you need rest. Those bags under your eyes are huge." She stroked his cheek shaking her head at the stubble under her fingers.

Unfortunately, he knew she was right. He was a wreck and he was past tired. "I would argue but I don't have the energy to," he admitted softly. "But I definitely want to talk. I've missed you."

"Precisely. Go back to bed. I won't be long." She assured quickly. She had no intention of being long, she wanted to sleep in her bed and now some cot on a ship or a sea cot-hold or the cave that they had ended up in one night. She smiled as she watched him disappear off to bed and soon came out smiling as he was sound asleep already.


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