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RCW: A Delayed Celebration

Posted on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 8:30am by Gold Rider Lana & Bronze Rider A'ren

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: River Cove Weyr
Timeline: M1 D2

Lana never got bored of watching Kalaith. Her neck ran down from its giant head that was lying out on the ledge catching sunshine and into a colossal body. Her radiant skin was almost glowing today which told her the mating flight was very soon.

Huge wings grew starting from its shoulders and ended at the lower end of its back were curled back. And even after all this time of watching the Queen her thick skin and eerie bone structures that made up most of the wing still surprised her, the dragon was all hers and she was all Kalaiths. Zarminath was curled up close to his golden queen. The bronze was sound asleep in the fading sun. She smiled fondly as she retraced her steps to where A’ren was attempting to get ready for the delayed Turn end celebrations. She was not dressed yet.

A'ren tugged at the collar of his shirt. Shard it anyhow. Nothing was working right for him as he struggled to get ready for Turn's End. He looked over when he heard Lana's soft steps. "I hate dressing up," he grumbled.

"But you look so good when you do." The woman commented as she moved over to him and tugged the shirt back when it was smoothing out the shoulders. "You look dignified for our delayed turns end celebrations." It did not happen often but the Thread schedule was more important and it was a perfect time to celebrate as the last fall had resulted in no loss of life.

A slight smile touched his lips. He shook his head slightly though as she had to straighten his shirt out for him. "What would I do without you?" He asked, liking that she liked how he looked. "Thank you, love. And it will certainly be good for everyone to have a celebration. "

"Be some lowly bronze rider stuck in a rut," Lana said with a grin running a hand through his hair for a moment. Now and then she liked to remind him of who was really in charge even if he was not aware that Kalaith would never let another bronze catch her now. "I know I could use it. I really should get dressed first though." She admitted looking down at herself with a frown.

A'ren wrinkled his nose. "True enough." He had been in that rut for a while. Lana kept him sane that was for sure. He smiled as she ran a hand through his hair, liking this time with her. He could feel Zarminath's contentment as well. "I could as well. I'll let you get dressed while I try to finish," he grinned.

"Please we cannot be late." Lana smiled and waited for him to leave her alone for her to retrieve the dress she was wearing for the celebration. In less than half an hour she came out into the living area of the weyr. The dress was a deep purple that left her shoulders mostly uncovered and flowed down into an elegant semi-sweetheart neckline. It was a tight fit which made the dress look comfortable, yet elegant and stylish. "I need some help." She admitted turning to show the ties at the back of the dress.

"Okay okay. I'm going." A'ren slipped out of the room to finish getting ready himself. He was just making a few last-minute adjustments when Lana walked out. "You look beautiful, " he smiled, stepping over to help her with the ties. At least it didn't seem like they would be late.

Lana smiled as he tightened the dress and tied it all together for her. Normally she would have gotten Tula but the man was there and could learn to work it seeing he would be getting her out of it at the end of the night. “Thank you. Good enough to be seen with you?” She wondered pulling back to look up at him.

A'ren laughed. "More than enough. Am I okay to be seen with you?" He asked softly. She looked beautiful and he loved everything about her. "Shall we go before we are late?"

“Always Weyrleader.” She assured softly taking his hand. They would need to walk steps and in her dress and heels she was not so sure about her balance but they soon found themselves mingling and moving between the riders, weyr folk and crafters.

He flashed her a smile. He always felt special with her and she always made him a better person. A'ren kept a gentle hand on her arm as they moved to mingle with everyone.

Lana smiled as she leant into his touch as they moved around the cavern. "We have the first dance." She teased just a little as they stopped mingling and took a seat at the raised chairs. She could think of many nights where she had been a brat picking someone else or deciding to test his patience with her.

"But of course, Weyrwoman," he grinned. It felt good to have her by his side again and not having to fight every step of the way. They had been through a lot. He had spent many a night in his old weyr as they struggled to sort things out. He slid into his seat beside her. "Everyone looks happy."

Lana nodded turning a little in her seat to look at him properly. She could not help but want to keep him in her sights, Kalaith was flighty so it made her flirty and needy. “They really do. When the leadership is happy the whole Weyr thrives.”

A'ren considered her words before nodding a bit. "You are very right. And things work so much better with a happy Weyr." He was glad to have things back on a better page and happy again.

Lana nodded leaning her head against his. She could not believe just how far they had been from okay and how the Weyr had been affected by it all. “I love you.” She whispered to him as the Harper started up the familiar song that started the celebrations.

He twined his fingers through hers, loving having her close. "I'll always love you," he whispered, smiling as the Harper started.

It was perfect.


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