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KH - Healing (1/2)

Posted on Thu Aug 12th, 2021 @ 9:25am by Theeressa & Jr Journeyman Riklan

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: Kymos Hold
Timeline: MD1 D12

The house was deadly quiet as Riklan was due home. It wasn't late but it was dark outside. Theeressa lay curled up on the couch with her tiny daughter curled up on her gigantic stomach just as happy as she listened to the story her mother was now telling her without a book. A book was on the floor signs that they had started reading a book together but it had failed and turned into something more in the semi-darkness. The glows were out as was the fire that was heating the hut.

Riklan yawned a bit as he walked home. He was getting tired of these longer days and he just wanted to be with his family. He quietly pushed the front door open in case everyone was asleep. He smiled at the sight that greeted him.

"Hey Theer," he said softly.

“Hi.” She breathed looked at the little girl that was against her bump snoring lightly. “You are early? Food might not be cooked yet.” She questioned having thought him to be at least another candlemark or so. It was hard to gauge sometimes if he would be early or late.

He chuckled softly as their little girl slept happily with her mother. It was a sight that would never grow old. "That's okay. I did manage to get home early. I'm trying to do that more so I can be home with you guys."

“I know you are so close to becoming a master Riklan.” She assured quickly before it became a blame game. He was trying to do his best for all of them, they needed to think on that fact not what had not happened with Telena. It was still a confusing situation which they had no idea of the why
They had been the focus.

Riklan smiled a bit. "True, but I want to be with my family. I feel like I'm missing so much." He hated to think of what they had been through. What they had nearly lost. "How have my girls been today?"

“You are doing it so when this baby comes along you’ll be a master.” She reminded him patiently wishing she could comfort him properly but being practically pinned by Laressa was making it hard to move. “We have been very good. I went to work and Lars went to her the crèche and her Harper lessons.” It was more than likely why she was so exhausted.

He nodded, knowing she was right. It was just hard being away from them. Especially after everything that they had been through. He laughed though when she mentioned why Laressa was sleeping. "She always wears herself out there."

“You don’t you move the small lump so this big lump can move and see how checking on your dinner.” She mused softly unable to move with the true size of her stomach and Laressa on her.

Riklan bit back a chuckle as he moved closer. He gently lifted Laressa, snuggling her close. "Do you need help, Theer?" He offered.

"No. I am good. Thank you though." The redhead stubbornly as she pushed herself slowly to sitting up then to her feet. She needed to do it for herself, she had not gotten that big with Laressa and she was not on bed rest this time so she was going to be stubborn. She had a lot to prove.

Riklan bit his lip to keep from arguing. He knew Theeressa wanted to do it on her own. Instead, he cuddled their daughter close who had woke up briefly but had instantly fallen back to sleep. "Do you want any help with dinner?"

“No, take as long as you need. It’s all prepared for you.” She assured quickly bracing herself for a moment against the couch for a moment before she disappeared to where the old stove that held the food for her husband's dinner.

"Thank you, love," he said, knowing there wasn't anything else he could do. There wasn't really much for him to do and he wasn't about to give up his daughter yet. She was always so precious when she was sleeping but could be a terror when awake. He had no doubt he had done that to his parents.

Theereesa potted around cooking and dishing up the plate of food before she came back in and smiled at the sight that greeted her of her husband snuggled up with their daughter. "Perfect moment hmm?" She whispered smiling that those moments with Laressa. They were becoming far and few between as she got older.

Riklan looked up at his wife. "It is. I miss times like this." He knew why he was working long candlemarks but he truly missed spending the time with his little family.

“Wait until this baby comes along. You’ll get more times like it.” She promised setting the food within reach. The sadness in his eyes made her reach out and run her fingers through his hair and tug it loose from the runner tail he had it up in.

She had a point there. He still couldn't believe they were going to be parents again. "I can't wait." He smiled up at her, realizing he really needed a haircut. That had been the last thing on his mind though. "Think Lars will like being a big sister?"

“I have no idea. She was talking about it today. She’s a bit nervous but I can understand her feelings. It is hard being an older sibling.” Theeressa luckily had never been the oldest in anything and she was relieved for that sometimes.

"You're telling me. Keeping Mari safe and out of trouble was always a chore. I wouldn't trade it though and I hope Lars starts to enjoy being the older sister."

“I am sure she will. It is an adjustment for all of us. I am going to take her to bed now. Eat.” She prompted leaning over awkwardly to take the long-legged three-year-old from her husband before his food got cold.

Riklan wanted to argue but knew better than to do that. Instead, he shifted to give Theeressa a hand picking up their daughter. He watched them disappear before getting up himself to get his dinner.

Theeressa returned a few long moments later and sat down next to him picking up her mug of klah as she settled down finally. It was not even late and she had napped but the weight of the baby was drawing on her strength a lot at the moment.

Riklan was enjoying his dinner by the time Theeressa returned. He smiled up at his wife, seeing how tired she looked. "How have you been feeling, love?" He asked gently.

“Tired. Err… the homing instinct is kicking in our bedroom is a bit different.” She admitted rubbing the back of her neck explaining why she had gotten tired in the first time.

He raised a brow, wondering just what she had chosen to do. "Oh well, that's fine," he smiled. "Just don't overdo it too much. " He didn't want to see her injure herself or wear herself out.

Theereesa just offered an awkward smile as she sat back rubbing her stomach allowing him to finish the rest of his food. The baby had taken to jumping on her bladder and stomach all day. She could not wait for the baby to be out now.

Riklan glanced over at his wife. "Are you sure you don't need me to do anything? You look so uncomfortable. " he really hated seeing her so uncomfortable.

Theeressa looked up seeing him watching her intently. She hated when he looked at her with his healer mind. She could not fool him at all, it was frustrating when she wanted to be fine. “I feel uncomfortable.” She admitted with a sigh. “If you were my healer what would you be suggesting?” She wondered sipping her drink.

Well, that was unexpected. Normally she wouldn't ask him. He considered his answer as he knew most women were extremely uncomfortable by this time in their pregnancy. "Well for one as your husband I can offer a nice back massage. O could also mix up a tea that should help you and our little one to rest a bit."

Theeressa grinned just a little at the shocked expression on his face. She tried to keep him away from her as a healer so that he could keep a clear mind and it showed as she asked. “Both?” She wondered moving to take take the plate from him now that it was empty.

Riklan laughed a bit. "I can handle that. Would you like the massage first or the tea?" He was so glad that she had finally asked him how to feel better.

Theeressa wanted to argue but he had already disappeared off to the kitchen putting the dish in the sink from the noise and returned. “Massage first?” It seemed more sensible to her but it was not something she got often.

He returned a couple of minutes later after having dropped his plate off. "That is a good choice. Then when I make the tea if you like I can add a couple of herbs that will help you sleep as well," he offered, giving her a gentle smile. Maybe they could get things straightened out yet.

The redhead nodded. She would like that if she was honest. She was trying to move past all the drama that had happened between Leisa, Telena and Sophia their lives had become complicated and messy. It was something a shock that they were still married living in the same house.

"Alright then. Get comfortable and I'll slip behind you to help work out the tense muscles." He knew they still had a long way to go but they were slowly getting there. One step at a time.


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