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KH - Healing (2/2)

Posted on Thu Aug 12th, 2021 @ 9:26am by Theeressa & Jr Journeyman Riklan
Edited on on Thu Dec 30th, 2021 @ 8:29pm

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: Kymos Hold
Timeline: MD1 D12

Theeressa decided after standing up to remove her dress that the floor of the living area was no good and that she should know the man the bedroom and all the work that had gone into tidying and organising the little space that was truly just them. She opened the door and revealed that the bed had been moved against the other wall and the cot that they had had for Laressa was now set up again for the new baby. “So I might have overworked myself today with some help from Lars.” She admitted.

Riklan followed his wife back to their bedroom. His eyes widened when he saw everything she had done. "Well, I would say so. It looks nice but wow. You have definitely been busy."

“Thank you,” She mumbled through moving to close the curtains that would have allowed people to look in and turn a dull glow over so that the room was barely lit. Theeressa did not shrink under his gaze but she did blush. She had not meant to get so carried away nor do so much but the mood had taken her and it had just happened. “Well, I got it into my head that we needed to have a nice clean house and it just would not go away.” She admitted turning to look at him.

It was certainly impressive. Riklan had no idea where she had found the energy between work herself and being pregnant and having Laressa underfoot. "It is certainly clean. And just for that, you'll get an even better massage than planned as I'm sure you can use it."

"Oh, you were planning a less than good one originally? Shame on you dear husband." She teased with a shake of her head for a moment sounding like her old self as she took the hot drink from him putting it on the small table on the side of the bed that was firmly hers now.

"I would never!" He exclaimed, feigning hurt before smiling. He liked seeing this side of her. He had missed this side. "So then get comfortable and I'll give you the best massage you've ever had."

The woman squeezed his hand in passing as she slowly undid the dress unwrapping the simple ties on it. It was so much easier with the heat of southern summer to just have something simple like that. "I am comfortable." She assured trying to tie up her long hair.

"Need some help?" He offered, moving around behind her to braid up her long hair. He playfully placed a kiss on the back of her neck before hugging her briefly.

The woman smiled at the kiss on her neck and then the hug. It had felt like forever since they had been that close to the point the cook was pretty sure it was when they had created the baby that was due within the month. “Please.” She whispered softly.

Riklan smiled, glad she hadn’t pulled away from him. He had missed being close to her and just being husband and wife. At least this seemed like a good sign. "Always," he promised, tying off her braid.

“You can tell you are a healer. Deft fingers.” She teased him just a little. “Where do you want me? Lying down staying here?” She wondered tailing the braid up into a bun with a pin.

"Is that how you can tell?" He asked with a chuckle. "Well, we do need that." He considered his options. "If you’re comfortable enough laying down it would probably be easier."

Theeressa nodded. "I knew the moment I met you that you were either a healer or harper." She said thinking of the steps that she had met Marika and then meeting him. They were very similar in that respect. "Hmm might not be able to lie on my front. I cannot wait to be able to do that again so maybe will need to sit up for now." She admitted moving to sit in front of him.

Riklan chuckled a bit. "Can't carry a tune so it's probably good I didn't try that route." His sister would make fun of him constantly. Meeting Theeressa had been the best day of his life. "Sitting will be just fine and it won't be much longer now," he assured her as he moved to gently start rubbing her lower back and shoulders.

The woman smiled at the silence that descended on them. It was comfortable as he attempted to work her muscles into something less tense than what she was trying to deal with then and there. Theeressa sighed gently as she rubbed her bare stomach in circles.

"That overhaul of the room certainly took a toll on your back," Riklan commented as he carefully worked the tight muscles out. He couldn’t imagine how sore she must be feeling. "It does look lovely though. Sorry I wasn't here to help you."

Theeressa looked over her shoulder and shook her head. She had started to want to nest and there was nothing that would stop her from being able to do that. She put a hand on his next drawing him close for a moment kissing him. “Don’t be sorry.” She breathed against his lips.

She had gotten this way with Laressa too so he shouldn't have been surprised but he was still amazed by how much she got done. Riklan smiled against her lips, playing with a couple of wisps of hair that lay at the nape of her neck. "You win," he mumbled against her lips, not wanting to move away.

"What is my prize?" She demanded quietly thinking that she should just move away from him and act like there was not a moment going on.

Laughter rumbled deep in Riklan's chest. It had been way too long since they had enjoyed a moment like this. "Hmm is there anything your beautiful heart desires?" He asked huskily.

Theeressa looked at the man and gulped at the tone of his voice. "You." She whispered. "Me and you." She did not normally be so forwarded even before pregnancy but she needed to proclaim what she needed right then and there. Sex during pregnancy was not only safe but may also be recommended by healers or at least the right healers who were not prunes. Besides the physical benefits it offered, it also strengthened your relationship with your spouse and they so needed that.

Riklan was slightly surprised by her request. He loved her to pieces but they had had a lot to work on. A slow smile spread across his lips. "That I am more than willing to help with," he whispered, kissing her again softly.

"Slowly." She whispered softly as he reached closer to her before kissing her just as softly as she requested. She wanted this, she wanted the intimacy. "Mmmm..." She approved of the feelings he was creating by taking change. It was a welcome change, something that was familiar but hadn't happened in months since they had thought and considered having another baby. She moaned softly as she kissed him back the kiss turning heated.

Riklan would take it as slow as she wanted and only go as far as she wanted. It had been too long since they had even been this close that he wasn't about to push things too far and have her back off again. The soft moan from her lips was a good sign though. His hand trailed light patterns up and down her arm as she had deepened the kiss.

The woman pulled back a little breathless from the kiss smiling at him. She moved her hands to his shirt and started to work on the ties that were there to make them a little more even as she was just in a chest band and underwear.

He shifted slightly to let her get at his shirt. When coming home tonight this definitely wasn't how he saw the night progressing. Not that he was going to argue a bit. He missed the closeness they once shared. He playfully nuzzled her neck as he trailed his hand along her stomach.

Theereesa smiled this was going to be good for them both she just knew it. They needed this to move forward, no apprentice, no holder, just them.


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