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RCW: By The River At River Cover (1/2)

Posted on Thu Sep 30th, 2021 @ 2:42pm by Lenya & Brown Rider K’yar
Edited on on Wed Sep 14th, 2022 @ 9:43am

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: RCW
Timeline: M1 D7

Lenya watched the man across the weyrbowl as he finished drills and offered a wave as he spotted her. She had been thinking about them for weeks and messed up things had gotten thanks to Dragon Hold. Now that they were not a thing in their lives the woman wanted to move past the trauma that had been done to them.

K'yar returned the wave. Shards, he had nearly lost her and Kiyna. He patted Kylith's shoulder, letting the brown know he was safe to go as he shouldered the straps. He then strode across the Bowl. "Hey, beauty."

“Hi.” She said awkwardly before bracing herself for being brave and them needing to talk about stuff properly. “Fancy a hike along the jungle edge?” She wondered having already thought it through peppery.

The brown rider was surprised by her request. There had been a bit of unease between them and he hated every minute of it. His sharding mother. "Sure. Drills are done for the day and Ky is up sleeping already," he said affectionately of his dragon.

“He looked like he was ready for a nap.” She admitted watching the brown behind his back already sound asleep curled in a sunspot that should last a while.

K'yar nodded a bit. "Yeah, drills always wear him out. Or maybe it's the sun," he laughed, feeling a bit better that she actually wanted to take a walk. Maybe they would get through this yet.

Lenya brought her attention back to him from the brown and nodded. "Well, maybe our walk and sun will wear us out." She said tossing the pack she had brought along with her to him. It was not heavy but it definitely had stuff inside and something clicked to indicate that there was a cup or something.

"That is very possible. " a walk was always a good thing. He easily caught the pack, raising a brow. Just what was she planning? He was afraid to ask though as he swung the pack over his shoulder. "Shall we head out then?"

The woman nodded and led the way out the Weyr. She offered a wave to the watch pair as they left, who dutifully noted down them leaving. The jungle on the far side of the Weyr was colossal, wet, and archaic. It was easy to see why the location for River Cove was picked. The jungles canopy was monopolized by large trees that twinkling lights burst through their crowns allowed for a plethora of shrubs to take advantage of the crunchy layer of leaves below.

K'yar loved the jungle. It wasn't so good during Fall but it was gorgeous. "I'm guessing Kiy is still at the crèche," he commented, not sure where to start a conversation.

Lenya shook her head. "She is in the bag." She giggled before shaking her head stopping for a moment to get into step with him. "She is and if we are not back when it is kicking out time she is going to have dinner with Terliyn and Talomin. Family." She said simply.

K'yar blinked. "What?" He asked before laughing. A smile lit up his face. Something that was usually present on his face but had been missing for a bit. "Oh, that will be nice. I'm sure Kiy will love that."

“She will. She has not spent much time with anyone other than me recently so it will be a nice change for her and then tomorrow she can spend the day with you.” Everyone had been so busy recently with turn end and fall that riders had been busier and busier.

"I like the sound of that. It feels like forever since I've gotten to spend time with you or Kiyna." He loved being a rider but lately, they had just been so busy. He looked over at her with a smile. "This is nice."

“Well, you get me today and Kiyna tomorrow as it isn’t my rest day.” She said pointing to the trail that she wanted to take. It was one of the lesser-used ones but it was why she was to go that way. It would truly just be them.

"I'll take it," K'yar smiled, leading the way down the trail that she wanted to take. He wasn’t sure what she had planned but anytime spent with her was worth it.

Lenya just smiled at him. The conversation was limited as they walked nearly a candlemark until they arrived at a glittering waterfall that tumbled down the cliffs, casting sparkling rainbows. Below them, freshwater met the ocean in a spray of white foam. A tiny, perfect cove surrounded the waterfall, the lush emerald jungle spilling over onto the narrow strip of silver sand. She grinned proudly as she showed him why the Weyr was called River Cove.

K'yar still had no idea where they were headed but Lenya seemed to know and that was all he needed to know. His eyes widened though as they stepped into the perfect cove. "Wow," he breathed. "This place is gorgeous. "

“How have you not been here before?” She laughed moving to take the bag from his back, putting it on the floor pulling out a large blanket.

He shrugged a shoulder. "Guess I've always been busy with Ky and never really went exploring very far." It did sound crazy. This place wasn't far from the Weyr.

Lenya flopped down on the blanket and offered her hand to him encouraging him hopefully. “You should explore more. Get some time alone.” She chastised good naturally.

K'yar laughed as he took her offered hand and sat down on the blanket. "Sure that will be easy to do," he chuckled. "I don't have drills or anything. Besides I would rather be with you and Kiyna."

"It would do you some good," Lenya said stretching back to lie back on her arms watching him. He had not changed much from the say she had met him other than filling out a bit more but mentally they had all grown a bit older and harder.

"I'll see what I can do," he promised. He knew she was right. They all needed some downtime. Things had been crazy and they had even lost some friends but now they needed to get their lives together.

The woman nodded. She was glad that he would at least consider her idea and request. The man needed it more than most people she was sure. The comfortable silence washed over them as Lenya just laid there just listening to the noises around them. It had been so long since it was just then without others around.

K'yar laid back on the blanket. He was more tired than he had realized and being able to relax to the quiet with Lenya close by was making him start to fall asleep.


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