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By The River At River Cover (2/2)

Posted on Thu Sep 30th, 2021 @ 2:43pm by Lenya & Brown Rider K’yar

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: River Cove Weyr
Timeline: M1 D7

K'yar woke from a much-needed nap to the sound of the water in the distance. He rolled over with a stretch, a smile touching his lips when he realized Lenya was still close by. He had been worried that she would disappear. They still had some things to work out but this felt like a good start.

"Hey, beautiful " he whispered, his voice still holding a husky tone even after Turns together.

The woman glanced over from where she was sat just reading a book. It was a wonderful thing to be able to carry books around and just have a chance to read something. Paper was such a wonderful concept, was hard to believe how new it was. "Hi..." She said awkwardly thinking he had not called her that in a very long time.

He carefully pushed himself up, absently rubbing at the scar on his neck. That still irritated him but at least Lenya and Kiyna were safe. "Reading anything good?" He asked, not commenting on their awkwardness still.

“Um not overly.” She looked around awkwardly more as she tried to find the words to tell him what it was all about. “It’s a romance novel.” She blushed just a little and looked at him shyly.

That surprised him a bit. "A romance?" He repeated softly. "Hmm can't remember the last time I had a chance to read. Is it one I should try?" He asked, hating that she was blushing. Had they sank that far apart?

Lenya shrugged a little. It was escapism to her but it was certainly a book that would be frowned upon in the north. “Yeah. It was something in the library but I suspect it is more a woman’s book.” She admitted smiling that he seemed interested in what her book was.

"Ooh one of those," he teased softly, his green eyes dancing. He had seen those a couple of times while in the mines. Guess it was an escape for everyone. "Should I be jealous?" He asked, laughter in his voice.

"Completely. Things in these types of books we could not dream of." Lenya said with a roll of her eyes trying to not blush more as she put the book away. She was a romantic at heart even after all the darkness.

K'yar raised a brow, quite curious now. "We couldn't?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. "Well, that is sad. Can we come close?" He really did want to make her happy.

Lenya snorted as she watched him and how curious he now seemed to her. The Drudge was happy to be alive, happy to have her daughter but she felt like she was stuck in a moment sometimes. "Um... It has been a long time." She reminded awkwardly trying to make conversation about an erotic book. She was really wondering why she even started this conversation now as it was embarrassing.

K'yar knew he was pushing it. They still had a long way to go. So many things had happened and they had drifted. That was something he was sorry about. He loved her. Wanted to marry her actually. "It has. We can take things slow," he promised.

"I did not bring you here for that." She whispered fumbling through her thoughts. She thought that they might have enjoyed the area, relaxed, eat and drink some wine then had a swim. "I just thought this area might allow us to connect." She shrugged sitting up cross-legged.

"I didn't figure you had, love," he assured her. It hadn't been in his thoughts either really. It had just kind of popped up when they started talking about her book. He nodded slightly. "It is a lovely place and you are right. Reconnecting is something that we really need," he agreed.

“If we want a future yes.” She said honestly. It was something neither of them had ventured on but it needed to be said really that just being together as they were was not enough for either of them.

K'yar pushed to a sitting position, pulling his knees up to his chest. "I definitely want a future," he agreed softly, deciding whispering was easier on his throat. "I want to be how we used to be or at least close to it."

"Then how do we make that happen?" She wondered quietly keeping her voice levelled and calm. It was a mess and she knew that no fault lay with either of them really. It was misfortune and timing but it hurt neither less. Reconnecting was their only option or being apart for both their sakes as well as Kiyna.

The brown rider considered her words for a minute. How would they go about getting back to how they used to be. A smile soon touched his lips. "Hi, my name's K'yar," he said. "And you are?"

Lenya looked confused for a moment before she laughed and took the offered hand. "I am Tanly." She giggled softly and held out her hand to him to shake.

K'yar rolled his eyes with a laugh, shaking her hand. "Wow, Tanly you've changed your hair " he smiled. At least it seemed like they were laughing again.

Lenya grinned taking in how much he laughed for a moment before she found herself laughing herself. It was nice to laugh again. “Yeah. Everyone needs a change sometimes.” She told him leaning and touching his hand.

His eyes danced merrily, showing the side of him that had been hidden for a bit thanks to his sharding mother. "Yes you have a point," he agreed, turning his hand to let her fingers slip into his.

Lenya smiled. It was a huge start that they were actually touching and talking instead of just ignoring each other and avoiding the weyr. "I do have a point. Any more points that need to be raised?" She wondered.

K'yar pulled a face but then smiled brightly. This felt right. Like maybe just maybe they still had a chance here. "Hmm, well, I guess what do we do now? And what do we tell Kiyna? You know how she loves to ask questions," he chuckled.

“I do not know what to tell her. I have not answered any of her questions.” She said softly. “What have you been telling her?” Lenya asked in interest.

Hmm, that probably would have been smart. He shrugged a shoulder. "I just keep assuring her that I and mommy are always going to love her," he answered. "Thankfully she hasn't pushed more than that yet."

Lenya nodded growing quiet for a long moment before she lay back on the blanket looking at the bright blue sky. It would be summer for a bit longer before the winter came in for the south. It would not be a cold winter but it would be a long nicer than the norths winters. "So we answered what do we tell Kiyna but what do we do now?"

K'yar was enjoying the weather. At least it seemed like Lenya was alright with what he was telling Kiyna. He wasn’t sure what else to say in all honesty. "Hmm. Well, do we try to start again or pick up where we left off?"

"I want a fresh start." She said hoping it was what he wanted too. She wanted to forget everything apart from Kiyna. She wanted to forget the pain, fear and confusion. "I want to have a fresh start with you. Is that okay?"

A warm smile touched his lips. "I would like that a lot," he agreed. "I want to forget the past except for you and Kiyna. You are the bright spots in my life " he hoped one day they could make things right again.


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