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RCW: Misstep

Posted on Fri Oct 7th, 2022 @ 10:44pm by Gold Rider Lana & Bronze Rider K'ron
Edited on on Fri Oct 7th, 2022 @ 10:47pm

Mission: 3531 AL
Location: RCW
Timeline: M1 D2

The party had been in full swing for hours, and further proof of its success was written on the faces of the Riders who were looking happy and a little tipsy from the drink that was flowing. Lana sat on the raised area looking into her wine as people watching had gotten bored about an hour ago when T’ken had asked her what her love of it was. It was hard to explain to a man who had first grown up in the desert and then the colds of the north, he did not see the attraction of just watching.

She giggled as she spotted her former roommate from Healer Hall who seemed to be in a splendid mood for once, and that had probably plenty to do with the amount of wine in her system or that she was finally approved for duties after her breakdown. The mood of the party took her back to another night with a celebration that Shona had been showing off an exceptionally ugly headpiece that she had been wearing for some festival that she was suddenly supporting.

“You look good Shona. You look happy.” Lana approved standing to get more wine joining the Journeywoman on the floor. She was trying to not look around and see any of the Bronze Riders who were vying for her attention knowing close Kalaith was to rising. Kalaith was never being caught by anyone else other than the current Weyrleader’s bronze. Kalaith had made that clear many times. She was there for Shona and Kalaith and did not need the distraction.

“I feel it but you do not look so happy.” Shona wondered taking the Weyrwomans hands in her own.

“I am fine. Just dreams.” She should blush at her dreams but she did not dare admit what she was dreaming to Shona. Lana would never hear the end of it. “I am going to get another drink. Would you like one?” She offered already turning away and pulling her hands free. Shona shook her head and offered a warning but it was too late Lana was walking straight into someone.

K'ron had considered not coming to the festivities and just getting some much-needed sleep but after a lot of c scolding from Tyreth he had finally agreed. So he soon found himself dressed up in his best and making his way through the crowd to find a drink and get his mind off things. Koda chittered happily from his shoulder.

"Whoa," he said quickly, catching Lana before either of them could get hurt. "You okay, Weyrwoman?" He asked, making sure she was steady before dropping his hands to his sides.

Lana was relieved when whoever she bumped into caught her up to stop her from falling. “Yes. I am so sorry K’ron. I was not paying attention properly. I was distracted by my guests.” She said looking back to where Shona was already moving on to talk to a blue rider.

The young bronze rider shrugged a shoulder. "No worries. I'm just glad I was there to keep you from falling. It is easy to be distracted by everyone here." Everyone truly seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“What about you K’ron?” She knew Nerlyn was on her first fleet duty as an apprentice dolphineer. It was such a relief to see how she was thriving again.

"Doing okay. It has been quiet in my weyr but I am so glad Nerlyn is more like herself." He missed his mate terribly but he also knew this was something she needed if she was going to get on with life.

"She will be back eventually," Lana said kindly. "She looks healthy and thriving." It was the only word to describe the woman at the moment. Lana did not claim to know the woman before her former mate's death and the slide into depression even before losing her green had caused but she could see how much happier she seemed than when Lana had been a weyrling.

He nodded. "I keep telling myself that and I know she needs this. It's just hard. I came so close to losing her and having her away from me is rough. " he flushed a bit. "Don't know why I'm complaining. She's doing well and we're supposed to be having a good time."

Lana smiled kindly and looped her arm through his as they stood talking. It was a gesture between a wingleader and weyr woman that despite the knowledge that Kalaith would never let another dragon catch her other than her current mate it was a reminder to everyone. "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." She reminded him. She had to admit it had to be hard coming to a big Weyr event by themselves.

K'ron smiled. It was good to see Lana looking so well again and being able to mingle with her Weyr again. The bronze rider chuckled a bit. "I think you're right. I've gotten a couple of letters from her thanks to Koda but it doesn't compare to having her here."

Lana nodded at him. It was nice to see that everyone was thriving and growing closer again. Dragon hold had grown so much mistrust and hatred among everyone that Lana had worried that they would never be able to return to what they once had. "You are very lucky." She pointed out softly. "I am surprised the Master Dolphineer has allowed that contact." The weyrwoman teased just a little as she tugged on the older man's arm indicating the dance floor. He could make himself useful by dancing with her.

He hadn’t thought about that. "Ooh, I hope I didn't get her in trouble. " K'ron chuckled a bit at the tug. "Would you like to dance, Weyrwoman?" He smiled.

"Like you have a choice bronze rider," Lana commented as she put her long braid over her shoulder and took his hands putting him on her waist. It was an easy gesture of the health of the weyr when everyone danced at turns end.

K'ron laughed good-natured. "Good point," he agreed, letting Lana take his hands before leading her into a dance. It was nice to see everyone so relaxed and happy.

The dance was fast but not something to leave either t of them breathless thankfully. It was a steady pace that would leave them both happy that it was over. “See that was not so bad.” She commented as the Harpers ended their music and Lana moved back from him.

"It feels like ages since I have danced like that," he chuckled as they parted. "Thank you for talking me into it Weyrwoman." It felt good to be laughing again.

The woman nodded and curtsied to him and smiled. "Maybe you should do it more often with your weyrmate." She teased him. "Times are changing and we need to change what we do and how as a community we approach things."

K'ron returned with a bow, a smile still on his face. "You're very right. I will have to try that." He wasn’t sure if Nerlyn would be happy about that but he would at least give it a try.

“Do not give her a choice.” Lana encouraged she could remember that Nerlyn sometimes liked surprises and someone to just do it for her. She remembers F’cone had used that approach to get his own way with the woman.

The young bronze rider nodded. "Very good point. I won't give her a choice." There were sometimes he just needed to step up and take charge, to make his mate happy.

Lana smiled and stepped back further and just nodded. The man was a good leader. He would thrive if he tried himself properly. There were times for questioning and then there were times where you just had to get on and do stuff. “Worth a go.” She said simply.

K'ron nodded. Lana had a point. Nerlyn was almost back to normal so K'ron didn't have to tread as carefully around her as he had. And she used to like dancing. Surely she still did.

Lana smiled and looked over to see A’ren waiting for her. She nodded at the indicated wine skin before turning her attention back to K’ron. “When is she back?” She wondered still wanted to speak to the man. Him and Nerlyn had been a worry over the last couple of turns but it seemed like they were on the up.

A'ren wasn't in any hurry. He knew Lana would come when she was ready.

K'ron thought about the day. "Tomorrow I do believe," he answered, having lost track of time.

Lana nodded it wouldn’t be long until the woman was back from the ocean and her duties as a dolphineer gave her. The bronze rider looked impatient for it to happen. Maybe this was the first time they’ve been properly apart in turns?

“That is not long though I bet you’re looking forward to it.”

K'ron blew out a soft breath. "It's just odd without her," he admitted. He couldn’t recall the last time they had been apart like this. "Koda has brought me messages thankfully."

Lana smiled more. She was just relieved that the man was looking happy and healthy. It was a sign the Weyr was moving on from dragon hold and the horrors that it had created for them. “Thank you for the dance K’ron. I better return to my own mate and continue with more greetings.” She said curtsying to him again before she made her way back to where the man was waiting for her.

K'ron grinned. "Of course. Any time Weyrwoman," he answered with a bow. It had been nice to relax for a bit.


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